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What is Botstar? Introduction

Botstar Review – This is brand new artificial intellegent chat bot software by John Gibb and Mo Miah for Facebook Messenger and Websites, this software is easy to use, all you need to do is just login and create a new bot, next step is you can select templates, 50 done-for-you templates available and ready to use, all the chatbot templates in different niches so you just need to select and customize it, the next step is just give a bot name and select your Facebook Page. You need to connect with your Facebook account first so all you pages will be conected with Botstar. And the next step you can edit all the chat bots, you can edit using drag and drop chat bot builder feature, you can also preview before publish the chatbot.

Lot of advance features and technology for A.I chat bot. This software is 100% cloud based so no need to install, and you can access and work with it from anywhere. How this A.I chatbot work? Botstar using a feature called Keyword A.I which is customer types in a word or a phrase and the chat bot will automatically read and matches that word or phrase and response with pre-loaded chats (this feature only on OTO 1). The drag and drop content design system makes easier to customize and add new content, no need graphic design skills, no need coding skills. Not only chatbot, Botstar also have Mass broadcasts feature that will allow you to send blast chats to your list of users. And it’s a proven way to get up to 80% open rates.

botstar review

How it Works?

You can start your own Facebook chatbot with 4 simple steps. Step 1 is select a done for you chat templates in different niches, or you can also create your own from scratch. Step 2 is use the drag and drop visual flow editor to create your chatbot. Step 3 customize your chatbot, you can add your branding like images, text, audios, or call to actions. And finally the last step is you can publish your chatbot and ready to work for you 24/7, make your marketing and customer support automatically

Step 1:

botstar review step 1


Step 2:

botstar review step 2


Step 3

botstar step 3


Step 4

botstar step 4



For more details you can check demo video below


What is The Benefits of Botstar Software?

  • Allows you to create your own chatbot without expensive price and without any technical skills
  • Done-for-you 50 chatbot tempaltes, ready to use and customize
  • AI technology, help you to serve customers better
  • Mass broadcast messages
  • Full flexibility and control your chatbot
  • 100% cloud based no need technical skills to install it
  • Run on multi-platform, 1500+ apps integration (only on OTO 1)
  • Easy to use
  • Automate eCommerce features, like accept order, and build product galleries

Who is Botstar For?

Anyone who run online business is perfect with Botstar, especially if you are local business owner and eCom store owner.


Botstar OTO and Pricing

Botstar FE – Price: $47 One time >> Click here to learn more

All the features and benefits explained above.

Botstar OTO 1 – Botstar Deluxe – Price: $67 One time >> Click here to learn more

This oto 1 will unlock you all of BotStar features, you can also create 20 chat bots and also unlock the virtual assistans features. Not only that you will also get additional features:

  • Machine learninig training
  • This feature will allow you to utilize a contextual understanding of a question towards its resolution
  • Multiple languages support
  • You get instant access to growth tools
  • Keyword A.I. This feature unlock on OTO 1
  • Chatbot on multiplatform
  • Landingpage button
  • Comment trigger
  • Messenger ref URL
  • Team Inbox
  • and Analytics


Botstar OTO 2 – Price: $62 >> Click here to learn more

This OTO 2 include agency license, and you can create up to 30 chatbots. You can also give access to team or your virtual assistans. You will also get Done-For-You high quality website for agency business, so you can start selling your chatbot service using Botstar. Not only professional web design but also your website is already filled with all the content you need. You will also get ready made email swipe ti start your email marketing campaign

Botstar OTO 3 – Price $97 >> Click here to learn more

This OTO 3 you will get full step-by-step training on how to approach, find and get local business clients, you will learn from case study, live examples and also campaign that have generated good results



Thank you for read my Botstar review, this product perfect for eCom owner and also local business owner, with this software online business owner can increase their customer support and increase their conversions rate with chatbot. Easy to use and no need any complicated configuration. Hope this review helpful, click button below to visit the official site


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