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BotChats Review – This is a chatbot software that can be one of your marketing tools, with this software you can create a chatbot for your business without having programming skills, or other technical matters. With this software, you can turn your blog or fan pages into lead magnets.

Not only chat software bot, if you buy BotChats you will also get training on how to make automatic sales in Messenger up to 5 figures in 1 month with affiliate marketing.

botchats review

BotChats Review – Features

Below are the features and also benefits by using BotCharts software

  • AI Chat Bots
  • Personalizes Customer Experiences
  • Full training
  • Learn how to saving money with Chatbots
  • How to increase ECommerce sales with Chat Bots
  • How to support you, customer, with chatbot
  • Unlimited supply of products to promote
  • Create a bot to promote your business
  • Turn your blog into sales page
  • Turn your Facebook into lead magnets
  • Support your customer with 24 hours sales assistant for free
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BotChats Benefits

I think the benefits using this software and using a chatbot is you can build your brand, chatbots is a popular method to build your brand, not only that with chatbots you can connect with your target audience quickly and effectively. BotChats including the advanced training about how to run chatbots and increasing your ROI significantly, in some cases chatbots can increase the open rate up to 50% even more.

BotChats OTO

There is 2 OTO available

BotChats OTO 1 – Workflow version.

This OTO allows you to set up a workflow for your bot and customers or visitors, so this is will replace human interaction. This is the great features to make your Chatbot more autopilot. Please click link above to learn more

BotChats OTO 2 – D-F-Y version

The Botchats team will set up the chatbot for you, so you can get done-for-you chatbot for your business, you can save a lot of time with this OTO 2


Thank you for reading my BotChats review, this tool perfect for anyone who wants to have a chatbot for their business, without any technical things, easy to set up and powerful for automating your business and increase your product or service sales. For more details, please click the button below to visit the official site.


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