Bot Badassery Review FE and OTO Review – Simple Messenger Bot Automation

Bot Badassery Review – Bot Badassery is a new method how you can increase your sales with FB messenger and other messenger tools, this is the super simple method to dominate FB traffic and leapfrog all your competition. As we know Automated FB messenger bots is famous, maybe you’ve likely heard about them before, and you’ve probably even seen them in action. Messenger bots consistently get 80% to 90%+ open rates, that means that your sales skyrocket, and getting subscribers into your messenger bots is easy and insanely affordable by using FB ads. With this Bot Badassery method you will learn a proven method to set up your messenger bots and your FB ads, and also a proven method of getting new subscribers to convert to cash-in-hand customers. Bot Badassery is the new course by Robert Stukes and Shawn Anderson, they’ve been quietly “killing it” with FB messenger bots for quite a while.

Robert Stukes and Shawn Anderson selling everything from information products to getting tons of webinar registrations and even getting paying clients just by using messenger bots. You will get full 8 module course that takes you through the entire process from start. What will you learn is start from how to set up your messenger bots for maximum success, how to set up your FB ads and even your targeting for the cheapest, most effective campaigns, and you will also learn other ways to get subscribers into your messenger bots without even using FB ads, you also will discover specific strategies that turn your messenger bot subscribers into paying customers and clients. Below is the complete feature and what will you get when buy Bot Badassery.

bot badassery review

Bot Badassery Review

Bot Badassery is a highly detailed, step-by-step blueprint of the exact methods that the creators, Shawn Anderson and Robert Stukes. Below is what will you learn:

  • Bot Badassery Module 1
    In Module 1, you will learn what bots are used for as well as the distinct advantages of using messenger bots vs. when not to use them. With this module you will have a clear understanding of their power and exactly how they are best applied.
  • Bot Badassery Module 2
    In Module 2, you will jump right into the messenger bot service that they are recommend: ManyChat. With this module 2 you can take all the confusion out of messenger bots right away so that you are comfortable and familiar with the service and the strategies behind messenger bots for the rest of the course, so you never feel lost.
  • Bot Badassery Module 3
    You will learn how to get new bot subscribers and, in turn, how to optimize your process and monetize those subscribers in many different ways
  • Bot Badassery Module 4
    With this module, you will learn exactly how to set up your messenger bot and ManyChat from “A to Z” specifically for use with the strategies we show in later modules. This is incredibly important so you’re never lost and you can utilize your messenger bots to their fullest potential.
  • Bot Badassery Module 5
    In this module you will learn #1 ‘secret’ Facebook ad type with full transparency so you know exactly what works and what to avoid.
  • Bot Badassery Module 6
    With this module, you will learn the process step-by-step so you literally follow along in a “click here, click there” format so you’ll be an “old pro” at using JSON in no time
  • Bot Badassery Module 7
    You will learn other favorite methods of getting messenger bot subscribers and communicating with them is via the use of something called, “Messenger Ref URL”
  • Bot Badassery Module 8
    With this moduel you will learn how to increase open rate, and monetize your email lists, with this module you’ll immediately see a huge increase in engagement and sales.
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Bot Badassery OTO Upsell

Bot Badassery OTO 1 – Strategy and Automation

With this OTO 1 you will learn the complete messenger bot strategy and automation course that details how to use them for specific applications like affiliate marketing, selling information products, selling physical products, and the big one: list building”

  • Module 1 is a complete automation and strategy overview
  • Module 2 is strategy and automations for list-building
  • Module 3 is strategy and automations for affiliate marketing
  • Module 4 is strategy and automations for information product sales
  • Module 5 is strategy and automations for webinar registrations
  • Module 6 is strategy and automations for Physical product sales
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bot badassery review

Bot Badassery OTO 2 – DFY Bots and FB Ads

With this OTO 2 you will get full suite of done for you ads and bots. you will get copy and pasting proven ads and bots right into their campaigns so they can be up and running in minutes. >> Click Here For More Details <<

Bot Badassery Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my Bot Badassery review, this course is for anyone who one to make money online with bot messenger, with FB messenger and also many chat, you will learn exact proven method and strategies. With this course you will also learn how to build lists with Bot Messenger.


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