Bizggro Review by Salman Mahmood – FE + OTO

What is Bizggro – Introduction

Bizggro Review – This is brand new app and as I know is the first productivity tool in marketplace, this software will help you to manage your business. This tool will help you to manage your business more easily, than you can concentrate on developing a right strategy for your business, with this tool you can increase your company communication, agility and flexibility. This is great tool developed by an experience business consultant, they have consulted with hundreds of business owner and managers and they develop this tool called Bizggro to make business management easily. As we know time is precious, and the key of any business management is the ability to see all data and process in one dashboard, and also get full access to task management, stock control, administration and even document signing, and Bizggro allow you to do everything quickly and easily.

In my opinion this software is complete app to manage your business, you can also integrate with your individual contact information, create a specific business units, you can setup an configure users and even communicate to everyone that you need to be in touch with and so much more. With this app, you don’t need to waste your time and effort opening and running different app or windows, with Bizggrow you can make business management seamless, you can work smarter no harder with this app. Lot of great feature on this app is perfect for business management. Scroll down below for more details.

bizggro review

Bizggro Review – What will you get and what is the features

As I said above, this is great app for business management, lot of great features to manage your business easily

  • Inventory management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Newsletter creator
  • Human resource management
  • Task management system
  • Document sharing and document storage
  • Document signing
  • Customer relationship management system
  • Financial and bookkeeping system
  • Communication with team
  • Team management
  • Sales campaign
  • Contact management
  • Productivity snapshot
  • Business contact organization
  • Event management
  • Chat support
  • Click here to visit the official site

Bizggro Review – The Benefits

In my mind this is the best way to stop and cancel all your expensive recurring subscribtions for business management apps. Bizzgro is low and one time fee.

Bizggro – How it Works

This is software is perfect ti manage your business, lot of main features can help you to manage your business easily. Below is the screenshot of the Bizggro software

Once you login, you will see your productivity snapshot and all the information about your tasks and events.

bizggro step 1


You can manage tasks, with the task feature. With this task feature you will know the status of tasks, priority, date and assigned by, and also the days.

bizggro review step 2


For communication, you can setting your mailbox feature

bizggro review


And alot of features to manage your business, such as CRM, Finnancials, E-Signing, Manages Docs, Inventory, Manage Projects, Newsletter, Events, Campaign, HR and Admin menu. For more details, please watch the demo video below:



Bizggro OTO and Pricing

Below is the details of Bizggro OTO and pricing

Bizggro FE: All features and benefits listed above. Price: $197.00. Click here to learn more

Bizggro OTO 1: OTO 1 is reseller license of Bizggro

You can resell bizgro software and earn income on recurring. You have 3 options. 5 reseller accounts $197, 10 reseller accounts $297 and 20 reseller accounts $397.

OTO 2 is Bizggro marketing kit. Price $97

This OTO 2 give you access to marketing kit that will help you to sell Bizggro to your potential customers. You will get promotional video, followup email series, salespage, promotional graphics and also telescript.

OTO 3 is Facebook marketing tools.

You have 2 options, personal version $39 and PRO version $99. This OTO 3 will allow you to create Facebook ads, and Facebook Tabs, integrated with Shopify, eBay and major autoresponder



In my opinion, this is the most complete features for business management software, everything you need to manage your business is done. Beautiful dashboard, and easy to use for all features makes this software is perfect for any business owner or digital agency. For more details, please visit the official site of Bizggro by clicking button below. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!

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