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Binsta 2.0 Review – Binsta 2.0 is the one and Only Instagram Growth and Automation Tool That Is Legally Compliant It has been running for over three years and has served more than 5,000 clients and 60,000 Instagram accounts. Automatically increase the number of people who follow you on Instagram. It’s never been easier or faster to monetize Instagram! What you need to know about the first-ever 22-in-1 Instagram Compliant 22-in-1 software that can help you grow your Instagram followers on autopilot.

Each and every one of BINSTA’s modules are designed to help you get in front of more highly targeted Instagram users, increase your page views, increase your followers, and ultimately increase your sales and traffic to your offerings.

Instagram traffic is a free resource that may be used by customers as a service to other businesses, or they can use it themselves to increase their own organic traffic.

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Binsta 2.0 OTO Upsells (Funnels)


Binsta 2.0 Review (Features)

A Few of The New Features In BINSTA 2.0 That Make It A Blockbuster

Feature 1: Insert Now/Planned Bio links

As a result, a bio link Rolodex can now be automatically generated and updated based on a predetermined schedule. Manage your visitors and sales in an effective method.

Feature 2: Instagram Reels can be posted now or scheduled for the future.

We’ve designed an automated feature to automatically post and schedule video reels to your Instagram account in light of Instagram’s recent focus on reels.

Feature 3: Instagram Posts – Publish Immediately or Scheduled

Users have the option of directly uploading photographs and videos to Instagram or scheduling them for publication at a later time as Posts, Stories, or Albums.

Feature 4: It’s possible to have multiple Instagram profiles at once.

BinstaApp allows users to manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single account.

Feature 5: Incredibly Automated

Instagram’s newly enhanced Autolike function is a great way to engage new Instagram users, top influencers in your niche, and individuals you already follow.

Version 1.0 of Binsta only allowed users to engage in up to 74 likes every day; in version 2.0, we’ve increased that limit by three times.

  • You can get as many as 200 automatic likes per day.
  • Targeting pages and articles based on hashtags, geography, or influencers is now possible.
  • Recent and popular posts can now be targeted with Advanced Filter and Targeting.
  • Targeting Influencer/Business Posts is also possible with Advanced Filtering and Targeting options.
  • If a post has received a large number of likes, comments, or views, you can use Advanced Filtering and Targeting to focus on it.

Feature 6: The Ultimate Auto-Follower

Never before has the follow-back social media technique been used in this way. Using keywords, hashtags, geography, and influencers, you may narrow down the individuals you follow to those who share your interests.

  • Over time, up to 70% of your new followers will return to your feed as they discover new and interesting things in your posts.
  • Up to 200 Auto Follows every day
  • Use keywords, hashtags, geography, and influencers to find people who will be interested in your content and offer.
  • You may now follow both public and private accounts with the new Advanced Filter and Targeting feature.
  • You can also target Influencer and Business profiles using Advanced Filtering and Targeting.
  • Users with a specified number of followers can be filtered and targeted.
  • As a result of this new feature, you can now Like a user’s posts before following them.
  • Make a list of people you don’t want to follow.
  • Unfollowing users can now be delayed by a predetermined number of days.
  • To avoid unfollowing certain accounts, you can whitelist them.
  • Set a rule that prevents you from unfollowing previous accounts.

Feature 7: ADDED Auto-Unfollow Feature

This function aids you in maintaining a favorable follower-to-follower ratio on your Instagram account. If you have a large follower/follower ratio, Instagram’s algorithm always gives you the upper hand. With the Auto-Unfollow tool, you can get rid of users who aren’t engaging with your content or who behave suspiciously or like bots.

Feature8: Messages sent in a flash! (People)

For direct communication with Instagram users. It makes it easier for consumers to keep track of all of their messages. Instagram Direct Messages can be seen and responded to in real-time.

  • Send Messages to Several People at Once
  • The Profile Card should be sent to you via DM.
  • Send a direct message to this post’s DM
  • DM Messages + Follow
  • Likes and direct messages
  • in-app messaging, and more (DM)
  • Look through your direct message (DM) discussions for any relevant information.
  • Accept/Decline/Open a chat with outstanding requests
  • Filtering and unread message status
  • DM threads can be muted and deleted.

Feature 9: Automated Post

The ability to re-post random temporary posts is a really helpful function. After a predetermined period of time, the feature will re-post a random selection of posts that correspond to the targeted audience.

Feature 10: Comment of the Day!

The commenting procedure can now be fully automated from within a web browser. In order to help BinstaApp users obtain additional IG followers from other IG posts, it offers extremely minimal customization options.

Feature 11: Using the Auto View Stories feature, you may see all of

Users can interact with the individuals they follow by automatically watching their tales, which encourages them to return to their profile and look at what they’ve been up to.

Feature 12: Analytics with a high degree of precision

Every day, this feature provides a user with a detailed breakdown of their Instagram activity. They may check how many followers they’ve gotten in a day, how many actions (follow, unfollow, like, comment…) their BinstaApp account has performed, and much more. The report can also be exported as a PDF.

Feature 13: Feature-Rich Image Editing Software

Filter, frame, alter and crop your photographs before publishing them on Instagram with ease and speed. You can also draw on them, add text, shapes, stickers, patterns, and gradients. Before posting, all of this is done in a pop-up preview mode.

Feature 14: Tagging Others is a great way to connect with

Helps users to include their username in the photo before they share it.

Feature 15: Creator of Hashtags

A module for producing hashtags before they are used, therefore reducing the amount of time it takes to do so.

Feature 16: Hashtag of the Day

Hashtags produced manually or via the Hashtag Creator can be reordered and shuffled.

Feature 17: The Seeking of Leads

Look for people in your expertise or business by using relevant keywords to narrow your search. Post material to a list of potential buyers based on their interests.

Feature 18: Importing data from the cloud

Uploads can be made directly to the dashboard from the user’s cloud storage service (Dropbox). Alternatively, you may use the URL option to import photographs or videos (with a duration of fewer than 60 seconds) directly from Instagram.

Feature 19: Compatibility of Emoji

Using emojis in your posts and comments is now a breeze thanks to Binsta’s emoji integration.

Feature 20: Profile Revision

As of Binsta 2.0, you have complete control over your profile settings within the app itself. Using this functionality, users can:

  • Upload a new photo to your Instagram profile.
  • Change the name and bio of their Instagram account as well as their website address and phone number
  • All of their Post Captions Need to Be Edited
  • Posts can be archived and deleted
  • Use a PC, laptop, or mobile device to download post media/stories.
  • Integrated Engagement Rate post calculator
  • Copy the link to the media or story you just posted.
  • Followers/Followings Management
  • Post/Stories Business Insights

Feature 21: The DM Module that automatically welcomes you

Automated direct messages can be sent to your new followers by using this module. If you run an e-commerce site, you can put links to your products in your welcome message.

And the cherry on top is that

You can manage numerous Instagram accounts at the same time using this app. Anyone who wishes to offer Instagram Growth and Management services for any business can use Binsta because it is powerful enough to handle several Instagram accounts.

Using BinstaApp, you can become an Instagram growth specialist in a matter of hours.


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