The 11 Best Email Autoresponder in 2022

The Best Email Autoresponder – One of the best approaches to help with a successful email marketing strategy is by using an email responder. It has been proving that the automation system and the specific features of each email autoresponder software can manage effective and efficient work for the user. However, there is so much software offering email autoresponder features. For those that relatively new to this thing, it can be difficult to select the most suitable software. To help with this matter, the following paragraphs will explain the 11 best email autoresponder in 2021 that worth considering.


The first is Aweber, which is one of the email autoresponders that can give the following features:

  • It gives marketing automation that can help the business to automatically send an email to their subscriber. Therefore, it can manage a simple and better way to get in touch with the customer effectively in a planned schedule.
  • The tool also can help to provide advanced statistics to see the response from the subscriber on the send email. Therefore, it can help the business to evaluate and improve the marketing strategy.

best email autoresponder

The product offers various pricing plans for their customer. Starting with a monthly subscription that cost $19 per month and worth for up to 500 email subscriber. The next option is a quarterly plan that costs $49, and the last option is to choose an annual plan with $193.80.


The next email autoresponder is ActiveCampaign. This software can bring many excellent features, such as the following:

  • Automation map and automation goals that will ease the business to arrange their plan in getting the specific goals. With this strategy, it can lead the business to continuously and regularly send email to their targeted customer including developing deep communication.
  • It also features email segmentation that can help to smartly select a suitable email template for a specific customer. So that it will reach an exact target and works to increase the business accordingly.
  • Activecampaign also completed with SMS automation and split testing features. So that it will help to give more approach to reach the suitable costumer. Furthermore, it has predictive sending that will work in an optimum way to sending to the right customer.

Activecampaign offers four types of plans. The first is a lite plan that costs $9 per month. Then continue with a plus plan with $49 per month, a professional plan with $129 per month, and an enterprise plan with $229 per month. each pricing plan complete with slight different features to consider. Therefore, make sure to make a proper selection according to your business needs.


Another email autoresponder is ConvertKit. This is an audience-building and email marketing software that consists of the following things:

  • The product features many landing page templates that can freely select and customize as necessary according to the core of the business. So that many customers can attract and make subscriptions or sales.
  • It features with email marketing design and template that can choose and then automatically manage the subscriber to get the expected news and letters. So that it will help to raise more closing.
  • The software is also completed with integration features that allow the user to integrate with others such as crowd cast for the webinar, teachable for an online course, and Shopify for e-commerce platform to sell the product online.

With ConvertKit, you will able to get 1000 subscribers for free cost. But in case that you need to perform migration to another tool, then you shall pay $29 per month. In case that you need advanced reporting from the software, then you shall add more since it charges %59 per month.


Next is Getresponse that helps with a powerful and simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate online marketing. This product features the following thing:

  • Autoresponders can manage to create automated email sequences to follow up with and nurture the subscribers. It also added a perfectly timed-email which will deliver the email at the right time with perfect timing and completed with the time travel delivery tools.
  • A web push notification that can engage more customers and convert more sales. It will bring people back to the website and even convert strangers to customers. Not to mention the unlimited notification to engage more customers with timely offers and updates.
  • Conversion funnels are supported through the ultimate sales funnel software machine. With this feature, the user will able to use standard opt-in funnels to capture new leads on the landing page, share valuable content in exchange for email addresses, up perform webinar funnels to build relationships, and turn the expertise into revenue.
  • Targeted paid ad campaigns on various social media that will engage more contacts and find new audiences that will attract and converted into direct sales.

Getresponse offers several types of subscription. Starting from a monthly subscription, a yearly basis, and two years subscription. It starts with a basic package that costs $15 per month, this price is increasing up to the maximum plan which can be custom according to the needs of each business.


This email autoresponder gives many stunning features, including the following:

  • Advanced automation can make the email marketing strategy is performing easily and very effective.
  • Provides excellent deliverability so that each email that sends through this software will be received by the targeted customer accordingly.
  • It features no recurring fees ever and no need to have additional payment in the future. Therefore, this product considers affordable and economical too.
  • The software also quickly works out to give the best performing campaigns with automatic A/B split testing.
  • Provides excellent and easy segmentation that can bring more flexibility to target the exact customer that leads to optimum result and maximum profits.

Mailvio offers two types of pricing for the user. The first is the monthly pricing plan that costs $588 per year. While for those that plan to subscribe on an annual plan, then they will only need to pay as much as $297.


Another best email responder that simple and beneficial is MarketHero. This software gives the following features:

  • Provides ROI tracking that can produce an advance sales tracking which tracks every sale and conversion across the business. With the lead ROI calculation, it can give the best ROI in the business. Furthermore, the tracking will never have lost and remain accurate when customers using different machines.
  • Integrate with Facebook Messenger that will help to enable autoresponder and reach for more customers through online communication.
  • Revenue generating Shopify integration online that will help to segment and mail the customer through suitable metrics and automation abandon charts, upselling, down selling, and many more.
  • It also features drag and drops automation that can manage the user to perform the software in a very easy and simple way.
  • And many more features such as automated sales tracking, full flagged opt-in the builder, etc.

In terms of pricing, this product charges $19 per month for 1k subscribers. This cost will be increasing according to the number of the email subscriber. While the annual plan will give a 15% discount that more efficient to consider.


Sendinblue will give the following features to their customer.

  • Email campaigns, this is a feature that can help the user to send automatic email and newsletter to the customer regularly with a specific schedule. So that it can manage to attract more buyers to come.
  • Completed with mobile-friendly email designer that makes the automated email look stunning and helps to attract the customer.
  • Provide an email template library that helps the user to easily select the most suitable template for the sending email.
  • Include SMS marketing that will manage to help automatic SMS to the customer whenever a promotion or discount is performed.
  • Features email and SMS personalization that will help the user to easily personalize all email and SMS accordingly. So that it keeps a warm relationship with the customer.

Sendinblue starts with a free package for 300 emails per day. But if you think you will need more, then the lite plan will cost $25 per month, the premium package is $65 per month, and the enterprise package will charge as agreed.


Next is Sendiio that manage to give the following stunning features:

  • Combining the three most profitable marketing channels such as email, text, and FB messenger.
  • Import email leads and phone numbers to help with an optimum email autoresponder.
  • Collect an unlimited amount of FB messenger subscriptions that can lead to more potential customers to target.
  • Ability to connect with any premium SMTP providers.

This software offers two pricing plans for the user. Sendiio Personal charges $87 per month, and Sendiio Pro charges $97 per month.


If you wish for the best email autoresponder that works for an online shop, then Sendlane is the answer. This software giving the following features to consider:

  • It provides an effective way to create visually stunning and high conversion emails with the drag and drop builder method.
  • Featuring SMS marketing that will spark conversation and drives revenue by adding a personal message to the funnels.
  • It also has intelligent pop-ups that can help to design forms, capture more emails, reduce browse abandonment, and drive more sales.
  • Provide real-time analytics from open rates to exact product purchased up to support making a smart decision.
  • Deep data integrations that help to personalize the email with more than 100 points of integrated data.
  • Completed A/B split testing to help review the email letter and manage to optimize the final result.

For those who interest in Sendlane, this software charges $99 per month for up to 5,000 contacts. While for more professional options, it charges $249 per month for up to 10,000 contacts. While in case you need a starter pack, then you can select the option of 6 months’ service costs $497.


Another best email autoresponder that worth considering is Sendreach. This product consists of the following features:

  • Sends targeted email messages to the right and targeted customer in an automated schedule time. Therefore, it helps to work effectively and efficiently.
  • Making a suitable seeing newsletter emails that will be highlight by the subscriber. Therefore, no chance that the subscriber will miss the email or not seeing it.
  • Provide suitable email marketing tools that will ease all the efforts on performing automatic email or newsletter.
  • Includes social data detection tool to get as much as email address and completed with segmentation email for males and females.

If you interest to use Sendreach, this software offers a very affordable price for any kind of business. It charges only $29 per month and considers quite cheaper among other similar email autoresponder software.


The next email autoresponder is SmartEngage that can give the following features to their customer.

  • Send an email that gets seen with SmartClean technology filters so that the email list stays 100% validated.
  • Create Facebook Messenger chatbots that can create a better communication channel. The smart drag and drop interface will allow the user to easily collect messenger contact and send them to message automatically.
  • Capture leads with hybrid opt-in forms that will allow the user to collect email addresses and messenger subscribers. This is an effective way to turn the webpage into traffic leads.
  • Cross-channel drip automation allows the user to seamlessly engage with the subscriber between email, messenger, and web push notification so that the message has its best chance to be seen.
  • Full-service email broadcast sender with A+ inbox rate completed with fully integrated Facebook Ads for the optimum result.
  • Automated customer support bot capture leads that will work in a smart efficient way to getting more subscriber.

SmartEngage offers a free trial start for the user. However, in case the trial period is over, then the user will be charged as much as $47 per month.

Those all the 11 best email autoresponder in 2021 that worth considering for your email marketing strategy. So that it can help you with the best email automation approach and manage to lead a better sales to convert. To get with the most suitable email autoresponder, make sure to read the features and match with the company budget accordingly. So that it can bring the best benefit and advantages to your business.

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