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Avatar Builder Review – Avatar Builder is a software that you can use to create 3D animations with the help of artificial intelligence, not only that with this software you can create multi-lingual videos. This software can replace the traditional way of presenting your product using 3D human characters. As far as I know, this is the only software in the world that you can use to create human avatar characters with unlimited access. With this software, anyone can create 3D animated characters without having to understand how to make 3D animation manually.

You can customize the animated characters very easily, just point and click. You can change the clothes color, hair color, skin color, and accessories such as glasses, shoes, watches, and others with unlimited design possibilities. In my opinion, AvatarBuilder is the only software that will help you to create a 3D avatar for your business person. Scroll down for the features.

avatar builder review

Avatar Builder Review – The Features

This is the most important part of the review, are the features offered by Avatar Builder enough to provide you with a solution? Here are the features

  • Smart Scene Creator
    This feature uses AI technology to convert text into video scenes and also text animations, with this feature you can save a lot of time making videos using only text. Do you need voice-over on video? Don’t worry, Avatar Builder can make voice-over with text-to-speech technology so you don’t have to spend money to hire voice over artists anymore. Don’t have the skills to create or edit videos? Don’t worry, you don’t need any skills or experience in creating and editing videos.
  • Stunning 3D Avatars
    You will get access to 100% professional 3D character avatars, which are filtered into groups so you can easily search for 3D characters. Starting from the category of age, ethnicity, and also a profession. Using a 3D avatar can also increase viewer attention so that your video can be easily watched by potential customers
  • Ready to use templates
    You’ll get access to hundreds of Done-for-you templates so you don’t have to experiment and spend a lot of time creating videos. Making videos is faster and easier with just 3 easy steps,

    1. Choose a template
    2. Customize
    3. Profit.
      You can customize text effects, change fonts, add animations, watermarks, backgrounds, and voiceovers
  • Free commercial license
    This is most important, the license! Yes, you will get a commercial license, which means you can sell videos made using Avatar Builder and keep the profits for you.
  • Logo Mapping
    Logo mapping is a feature that you can use to increase the credibility of your business or company. With logo mapping, you can add a logo to the avatar very easily.
  • Multilingual Video
    You can make videos with Avatar Builder for international targets with Multilingual videos technology, the avatar characters that you create can speak any language with this feature.

avatar builder review


Avatar Builder Benefits

What benefits can you get when using this software? I think there are 2 benefits that you get right away, first you can make 3D characters quickly and easily, without spending a lot of money and without having to make it yourself. The second is the benefit of using 3D characters to increase visitor attention, making your videos take longer to watch so that you can describe your product or business more precisely. There have been many scientific studies that explain this, one of which you can read here

How does it work?

Below is a screenshot that I took directly from my AvatarBuilder account, so you can trust my review and also my opinion about this software.

Below is the dashboard of the Avatar Builder. When you log in, you will access this dashboard. At the top, you have 3 menus, Create Video, My Videos, and My Purchases

avatar builder dashboard


Below is a screenshot from the Create Video menu, on this menu, you can make videos using a template, step 1 you have to choose the type of video, there are several choices of video types that you can use

  • Boxed Texts
  • Typewriter
  • Isometric Texts
  • Cursive Brush
  • Neon Text
  • Coarse Brush
  • Wood Block Text
  • Image Frames
  • Showcase Mockups
  • Avatar with Solid Background

avatar builder review create video


Step 2 You have to select the template, step 3 select the avatar, and step 4 select the voice artist, and step 5 adjust the position of the text

For more details, you should watch the demo video below:

speechdio review


Avatar Builder OTO

For more benefits and features you can buy Avatar OTO upsells. Here are the details

Avatar Builder FE – All features and benefits listed above. Click here to learn more

OTO 1 – Avatar Builder – Elite Upgrade $49. Click here to learn more

  • You will get a new avatar every month with no monthly fees
  • You will get 5 premium 3D avatars
  • Premium text effects
  • Premium text animations
  • Premium fonts
  • Premium stock image
  • Video asset library
  • Background removal
  • Premium music files library
  • Premium customer support
  • Premium rendering with Amazon Cloud Server
  • Priority video rendering and priority access for future updates

Avatar Builder OTO 2 – Agency License $67. Click here to learn more

  • Create 12 mins videos
  • 1080p video quality
  • Human voice over for all templates
  • Convert any audio to video
  • Save custom avatars
  • Done-for-you agency business tools such as email swipe, client contracts, invoices, letterheads, flyers, brochures
  • Done-for-you client contract
  • 5 sub-accounts
  • 150,000 Video scripts and articles
  • Video training on how to sell videos and makeup to $ 500 per video with AvatarBuilder

Avatar Builder OTO 3 – $39 Upgrade Template. Click here to learn more

  • Instant access to unlock 500+ new templates
  • 1-year new video templates added to your account

Avatar Builder OTO 4 – VoicePro $29. Click here to learn more

  • Unlock 100+ premium voice over for male and female
  • You can download 200 human voice over on the hottest niche topics


My Avatar Builder Review and Conclusion: After I used AvatarBuilder directly, this software is very easy to use and very helpful for anyone who wants to create an avatar character easily and quickly. I hope this review is helpful. Click the button below for more details

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