AudioStudio Review FE and OTO Review – The World’s First A.I. Technology App Automatically Creates, Mixes And Merges, Generates And Shares Professional Grade Audio Projects In Seconds

What is AudioStudio? A real AI-powered app that makes high-converting marketing content and automatically makes voiceover that sounds like REAL humans in ANY language with background music from just a keyword.

Helping businesses automatically create, mix, merge, generate, and share professional-quality audio projects is the fastest and easiest way to get paid with a brand-new breakthrough app.

audiostudio review

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How does AudioStudio work?

With Audiostudio, you can increase traffic, leads, and sales in just 3 easy steps.

First, make a project.
Create a project from scratch, with the help of the A.I. Script Writer, or by uploading any PDF, word, or text file in seconds!

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Step 2: Mix & Merge
Using multiple layers, you can mix and merge different voices, languages, dialects, background music, or sounds in seconds!

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Step 3: Generate & Profit
Make audio files and share them on all social media sites to get viral traffic or sell them to clients for a huge profit in seconds.

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Audiostudio has everything you need to use A.I. to increase traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

A.I. Script Helper
With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can use the app’s smart A.I. script assistant to make high-converting scripts in multiple languages, levels of creativity, and more.

Access to more than 237 100% real-sounding human voices in 65 languages and dialects
Audiostudio gives you instant access to hundreds of voices that sound like real people speaking in a variety of languages, so you can turn any script into an audio file that will appeal to any international audience.

PDF, Word, and Text File to Audio Script Assistant
With Audiostudio’s text-to-audio script assistant, you can turn any text from a PDF, Word, or .TXT file into a professional-quality voice track with just one click.

Five sound effects are available (Say As, Volume, Speed, Pitch, Pauses)
Using the app’s built-in audio effects, you can make your voice tracks even more interesting and human. You can change the volume, speed, pitch, and more of your audio with a quick click and switch.

3 Ways to Get Sound Out (MP3, OGG & WEBM)
Audiostudio lets you save and export your audio projects in the best quality you can find in the most popular formats, like MP3, OGG, and WEBM.

You can add up to four layers to one project timeline.
Never make audio with only two layers. With Audiostudio, you can add up to four audio layers to a single timeline and mix voices, music, sounds, and other things into a single track.

Use of 5,000 Stock Background Songs
Auditostudio gives you instant access to a library of more than a thousand stock background music tracks that you can use royalty-free in any project.

You can use 500 different background sounds.
Audiostudio also gives you access to a huge library of hundreds of stock background sounds that you can use in any way you want to bring your audio projects to life.

Add your own music to the background
Audiostudio makes it easy to add the right background music to your projects because it lets you upload your own music files right from the editor.

Make as many projects as you want, of any length.
Never put a limit on what you can do again. With Audiostudio, you can make an unlimited number of projects of any length that will work on any medium and in any format.

Editor For Audio Timeline You Can Drag And Drop
The app’s drag-and-drop audio timeline editor makes it easy to make and edit amazing audio projects. You can edit any project, no matter how long or hard, like a pro.

Script Multi-Language
Let Audiostudio be your personal multilingual writer and voice over by using the app to create, transcribe, and translate professional scripts into any language with just one click.

The Share Gate for Social Media
With easy-to-use social buttons and built-in prompts to share, you can reach and engage your audience wherever they are right after you publish your projects.

Add sound to any website
When you finish and publish a project in Audiostudio, it gives you embed codes that you can copy and paste into any website to put your audio there.

Audio Trimmer
Don’t worry about things like silences, noises, and other flaws. The audio trimmer in the app lets you cut out anything you don’t want with just one click.

Job Finder
With Audiostudio’s Job Finder, you can start your own digital agency from the comfort of your own home. It automatically scrapes the top freelancing marketplaces to help you find high-paying jobs you can do.

Record Your Own Voice With Our In-App Voice Recorder Audiostudio lets you record your own voice-over tracks from the comfort of your computer with just one click and no extra software needed.

Our built-in teleprompter can be used
With Audiostudio, you’ll never have to remember another line or whole script. The app has a built-in teleprompter that makes it look like you know every word.

Masterpiece Collection of Scripts (Improve, Rephrase, Expand, Shorten)
“Script Masterpiece Collection,” a smart feature in Audistudio, can help you polish and perfect any script by automatically improving, rephrasing, expanding, or shortening any text.

Material from DFY Agency
Audiostudio’s Agency Kit includes a website, letterheads, invoices, brochures, a business card, a PowerPoint proposal, a video presentation, flyer designs, a legal contract, ad banners, an email sequence, a telemarketing script, and the ability to create accounts for 5 team members.

Whitelabel Dashboard for Complete Rebranding
You can completely change the name of Audiostudio and sell it to agencies, freelancers, and hobbyists as your own “Software as a Service” product to make more money at home.

Dashboard for Making User Accounts
Audiostudio makes it easy to set up multiple user accounts, each with its own login information and set of user rights, all of which can be managed from the same dashboard.

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The first app that uses artificial intelligence to create, mix, merge, generate, and share high-quality audio projects does it in a matter of seconds.

AudioStudio OTO Funnels Link


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