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Animaytor Reloaded Review – Animaytor is a video creation software that will help you to easily create animated videos by simply using drag and drop technology. So that anyone can make a stunning animated video to promote their business. Okay, we all know that video is one of the best ways to promote business, with animated videos you can increase viewer attention and at the same time, you can turn viewers into customers in a fun way.

People prefer watching animated videos rather than reading, so if you use an animated video to explain the product or service you are offering, it will be much more interesting than using text alone. But, making animated videos is not an easy thing and also not a cheap way, if you want to make it yourself you have to use complicated software and not to mention the time you have to spend. If you wanted to hire someone you would be spending hundreds of dollars on just one animated video.

So what’s the solution? Animaytor is one of the right solutions for those of you who want to make animated videos easily and quickly without having to spend a lot of money. Here is a feature of Animaytor.

animaytor reloaded review

Animaytor Reloaded Review – Features

  • Done for you video templates
  • Animation video on high demand
  • Video generator
  • Text effect animation
  • Text-to-speech features
  • 40 voices available
  • 19 languages
  • Animate transition
  • Easy to sync Voiceover with Voicesync
  • Dual timeline editor
  • Produce video in HD quality
  • 30 animation templates
  • No monthly fee
  • Full commercial license (during the launch period)
  • Watermark builder

Animaytor Reloaded Review – Benefits

There are several benefits that you can get when using Animaytor, the main thing is that you can make animated videos very easily without requiring a long time and without spending a fortune. The second is that you can make money online by selling animated video creation services because you will get a free commercial license during the launch period. So I highly recommend you to get Animaytor immediately while the commercial license is still free

How Does It Work?

As I said above, Animaytor is very easy to use, just by using drag and drop and point and click you can create high quality and animated videos. Animaytor is desktop software that works on PC and Mac, so first, you need to have Animaytor installed and running. Here is the dashboard from animaytor:

animaytor review



The layout of this software is very easy to understand, just like any other video editing software. Namely, on the left and top, you will get a menu, on the right is a preview of your video and at the bottom is the timeline. What I love about this software is that you can start creating animated videos with done-for-you projects or templates. Click the Project menu and find the project files .smp, and click open to add the project.

anmaytor review



After you import the project, you can see at the bottom there is a timeline of your project, so it will be very easy for you to do video editing.

animaytor review


You can add text, images, and also transition. Simply by clicking the menu on the left-hand side. A lot of images, and video assets ready to make stunning video

animaytor review add new text and text animation

animaytor review add characters

animaytor review add background

animaytor review add the transition


Pros and Cons

The pros:

  • Create animated videos using templates
  • Create really interesting animated videos
  • Advanced timeline
  • There are so many video assets that can be used
  • Add animated text
  • Add transitions
  • Voice over or text to speech

The Cons:

  • You have got enough templates in FE but you will only get more templates and effects if you buy OTO 1

Animaytor Reloaded OTO

More benefits and unlock more features, by getting the OTO upsells. Below are the details:

Animaytor Reloaded FE – All features and benefits listed above. Click here to learn more

Animaytor Reloaded OTO 1 – Maximizer

  • Unlock 20 done-for-you animation themes
  • International TextTanslateFX
  • International Text2SpeechFX
  • Unlock 7 slide transitions
  • 2nd state Pan and Zoom
  • Unlock 50 transitioni effects and 50 visual elements
  • Export as full HD 1920 x 1080p

Animaytor Reloaded OTO 2 – Premium

  • Get 30 niche templates with fully editable and brandable
  • Dynamic video maker
  • Unlimited live action videos
  • Kinetic animation text
  • Kinetic transition
  • Export as full HD 1920 x 1080p

Animaytor Reloaded OTO 3 – Diamond

  • Get 40 promotional templates
  • Create Powerpoint video style
  • Add product imagery, and GIFs animation
  • Get access to 1000 transparent images
  • 5000 photos and images
  • Add videos, photos, gifs and your own images
  • Export as full HD 1920 x 1080p

Animaytor Reloaded OTO 4 – Enterprise

  • Get 10 done-for-you video explainer templates
  • Local video agency
  • 10 local niches video templates
  • Audio and voice recorder
  • Local niche scripts
  • Customizable agency templates
  • Written scripts
  • Full training
  • Export as full HD 1920 x 1080p


Thank you for reading my review article about Animaytor. What I can say is that this software is perfect for anyone who wants to create animated promotional videos very easily, either for their own projects or for clients. What I like best is that anyone can make a video quickly using only templates. I also recommend you to buy upsells / OTO to get more templates. I hope this review helpful for you. Thanks!


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