Animaytor OTO Upsells Review – Full Review For Animaytor OTOs

Animaytor OTO Upsells Review – This article is detailed review for Animaytor OTO upsells, if you want to read the complete review of Animaytor you can check the Animaytor review article here. Animaytor is one of video creation tool, that will help anyone to create stunning video marketing without needed any skills or video editing knowledge. We know lot of marketers want to produce high quality and engaging video, however creating high quality video is very stressful proses and time consuming process, so we need a tool to help us create high quality and engaging videos without spending lot of time and money.

For more benefit and unlock more features, you need to check the Animaytor OTOs below, however please note FE product is required, so you need to purchase the FE before buy the OTO upsells version. This product offering 4 upsells, OTO 1 is corporate version price is $97.00, OTO2 Premium version price $77.00, OTO3 diamond version price $47.00, and the OTO 4 is enterprise version for $197. Below is the complete details of Animaytor OTO 1, 2, 3, 4.

Animaytor OTO Upsells:

OTO 1: Price ($97) Features:

animaytor oto 1

  • 20 Done-For-You Animated templates
  • Unlock Text Translate FX features, that will help you to translate your video into international language
  • Unlock Text 2 Speech FX
  • Unlock 7 Built in Slide Transitions
  • 2nd State PAN and ZOOM
  • Get more 50 Transition Effects
  • Get more 50 Visual Elements
  • And you can export to Full HD 1920×1080
  • Click here to learn more OTO 1

OTO 2: Price ($77) Features:

animaytor oto 2

  • Get additional 30 fully editable and brandable niche templates
  • Unlock dynamic video maker
  • Create unlimited live action videos
  • Unlock audio and voice recorder
  • Unlock kinetic animation
  • Kinetic transition
  • And unlock full HD export
  • Click here to learn more OTO 2

OTO 3 Diamond


  • Get 40 promotional niche templates
  • Unlock PowerPoint style videos
  • Product imagery
  • Add GIFs animation
  • Add slide animation
  • 1000 transparent images
  • get 5000 photos
  • Add videos, hotos, and GIFs
  • Export video as Full HD

OTO 4 Enterprise

  • Get 10 Done-For-You Video Explainer Templates
  • Local video agency portfolio
  • Done for you local video templates
  • Text 2 speech FX
  • Audio and voice over
  • Agency local video templates
  • 100% cutomize agency templates



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