AffiliStores Review FE and OTO Review – Glynn Kosky and Rod Beckwith

AffiliStores Review – Affili Store is brand new software by Glynn Kosky and Rod Beckwith that will allows you to build high converting affiliate sites contains full products from eCom like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, and Commission Junction with 1-click button. This is fully cloud based affiliate store builder, so you don’t need any experience or skill to run this software, no need to install anything.

What you need to do is just setup your own affiliate store on AffiliStores Dashboard, and when it’s done AffiliStores will use artificial intelligence to self update and multiple new products can be added to the stores on complete autopilot. I think this software is perfect for anyone who’s looking to make a consistent, reliable income as an affiliate using some of the most popular websites in the world. Scroll down below to watch the demo videos.

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About AffiliStores Creator – Glynn Kosky and Rod Beckwith

Maybe you already know Glynn and Rod, they are on of top vendor on JVZoo always produce helpful and great products. They experienced product launchers and really care with their customers. Glynn Kosky and Rod Beckwith have more than 20 Best Sellers products on WarriorPlus, ClickBank and JVZoo. And now Glynn Kosky and Rod Beckwith launch this brand new software that will allows user to create high quality affiliate sites.

AffiliStores Review Review – The Feature

Like I said before, this is cloud based affiliate site builder, what you need to do is only 3 simple steps, just login to the cloud-based software to setup your AffiliStores in a single click, turn on the traffic using
the built-in, automated traffic generator, and done.. sit back and watch your commissions roll in. No skill or experience needed. Below is the complete feature you will get on AffiliateStores Dashboard

  • AffiliStores is Auto-Updating Stores For Set and Forget Profits
    AffiliStores using A.I technology to keeps your stores updated with the latest products, descriptions  and even pricing. So with this feature you’ll always have the best deals for customers and the most important is you will never have to doing manually update your stores.
  • You Can Also Get Maximize Free Traffic
    You can add products to your store for you or you can also schedule new products to be added whenever you like. Each new update triggers the search engines to re-index your store for even more free traffic.
  • You Can Get Long Term Profits
    Why? Because the cookies is extended to 3 full months, whenever a visitor adds an item to their cart, giving you 90 days to earn commissions on ANY product that visitor buys in the future.
  • Scaling Built-In
    With this feature you will know exactly how to scale your campaigns to maximize profits
  • Passive Profits
    You can also show banner at the top of your stores, you can make money with other program like AdSense, Amazon ads and even your own product offers.
  • DFY Product Management
    Each product listed in your stores is automatically placed inside a relevant category, AND given appropriate search tags.
  • AffiliStores is Fully Hosted No need Expensive Hosting Costs
    Each your affiliStores is hosted on premium servers. So you can save huge monthly costs and maximize conversions with secure stores that load lightning fast
  • You Can Start Build Your Own Brand
    You can choose from 5 stunning themes, modify layouts, colors, logos & branding, and also you can even add custom sub-domains to each store and you don’t need to thinking about the hosting costs.
  • Done-For-You Legal Pages
    With this feature you can save hundreds on fees with the built-in legal pages generator that creates legal and terms and condition pages for you.
  • >> Click here to learn more

AffiliStores Review – The Benefits

I think this is the benefit of AffiliStores:

  • AffiliStores Requires NO Tech Skills or Previous Experience!
  • Traffic Is Automated Via Video, SEO, Social Media & Blogs
  • Passive Affiliate Commission System – Earn Commissions When a Sale Is Made
  • All Stores Are SEO Optimized and Mobile Friendly
  • 90 Day Cookie Storage Which Means Affiliates Can Generate Commissions For 90 Days!
  • Stores Are Created Using Visually Stunning Themes Based on The VERY LATEST Trends
  • Traffic Stats Can Be Found At Any Time In Your Dashboard
  • Built-In Sliders On The Home Page To Draw Attention To Offers and Discounts
  • Autoresponder Integration To Build a List of Customers & Store Visitors
  • Adsense Ads Can Be Added To The Stores So Affiliates Can Generate Even More Commissions
  • Social Sharing Buttons For 1-Click Viral Traffic
  • Blog Posts Created For Specific Store Listing To Drive Hordes of Organic Traffic Back To The Store

AffiliStores Review – How it Works

For more details, you can watch this demo videos below.

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AffiliStores OTO Upsells

AffiliStores FE (Front-End)

  • Instant 1-Click SEO optimized stores
  • Visually stunning themes based on latest design trends
  • Display unlimited products from multiple ecom platforms
  • Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart,,
  • Product automation technology to find hot products
  • Self updating stores powered by AI
  • 1 click system adds products to stores on autopilot
  • scheduling feature to add new products at later dates
  • Live product search accross all affiliate networks
  • Mobile response store themes
  • Built in product slider to display discounts and offers
  • Product management (products, category, tags)
  • Custom sub domain (no hosting needed)
  • 90 day cookies
  • Stores hosted
  • Related products displayed on product pages
  • Amazon reviews displayed on product pages
  • Customer can also leave reviews on your sites
  • Built in list building system with 1-click autoresponder integration
  • Related tweets displayed
  • Banner ads displayed at top of your stores
  • Generate invome via Google Adsense
  • Full customisable stores
  • Legal pages and term condision builder
  • Full support
  • Step-by-step training videos
  • >> Click here to learn more


  • Traffic features
  • Autopilot system creates fresh original rankable blog content
  • Blog posts created for singular product pages for traffic
  • Blog posts created for category pages for traffic
  • Stores SEO optimized for Google Rankings
  • Video curation reviews direct from YouTube
  • 1-click social sharing features
  • Social share automation and scheduling feature


AffiliStores OTO 1 – AffiliStores Gold

  • Create unlimited stores
  • More stunning themes
  • Display unlimited products from multiple eCom platform
  • Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart,,
  • Built-in product sliders to display discounts and offers
  • Additional money making features
  • More stores
  • More themes
  • >> Click here to learn more Affilistores OTO 1

AffiliStores OTO 2 – AffiliStores Platinum

  • Create stores with digital products
  • Select products from variety of affiliate network
  • Unlock an affiliate with JVZoo features
  • Unlock an affiliate with WarriorPlus features
  • Unlock an affiliate with Clickbank features
  • Unlock an affiliate with PayDotCom features
  • Digital products have deep funnels thats mean more commission
  • Free traffic via exclusive blog feature
  • Free viral traffic system with 1-click social sharing
  • Organic traffic with built-in SEO features
  • Video curation reviews
  • >> Click here to learn more AffiliStores OTO 2

AffiliStores OTO 3 – AffiliStores Titanium

  • Additional tools that will help you sell more
  • Perfect for all affiliates
  • Add your Facebook Ads Pixel to your store
  • Add Facebok comments to your store
  • Add countdown timers to your store
  • Add exit popups to get more email Opt-ins
  • Add social proof popups
  • >> Click here to learn more AffiliStores OTO 3

AffiliStores OTO 4 – AffiliStores Automated Traffic Flow

  • Done for you traffic stream
  • Buyer’s Facebook and Google Ads pixel can be placed
  • Training is include of the Smart Funnelz
  • Training is include on how to get your pixel
  • Training is include on how to run ads via retargeting
  • >> Click here to learn more AffiliStores OTO 4

AffiliStores OTO 5 – AffiliStores License Right

  • License to sell Smart Funnelz
  • You will get DFY email swipes to promote
  • Everything is done for you
  • You will also gets a series of traffic videos
  • You will get access to Glynn via FB and Skype
  • >> Click here to learn more AffiliStores OTO 5

AffiliStores Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my AffiliStores Review, in my opinion this is the best affiliate store builders, based on the complete feature on FE that you will get. And my favorite is this software is 100% cloud based that requires NO hosting, NO domain and NO complicated WordPress installation. Everything can be hosted on their servers and you can even create your very own subdomain for your brand new store. Also the best part is AffiliStores comes with traffic generation feature also fully SEO Optimized affiliate store. For more details you can click button below to visit the official sites. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!

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Hi, my name is Rustam Sandegi, I write review content on this blog with all my heart, the articles on this blog are based on personal experience and also personal opinion. Hopefully, the articles on this website are useful. Thank you for visiting my website

17 thoughts on “AffiliStores Review FE and OTO Review – Glynn Kosky and Rod Beckwith”

  1. I purchased this in good faith. The hype is very good. The product is not. It is touted as newbie friendly. It is not. You also say in several places that you can use google adsense. When I tried to sign up, google adsense will not allow the type of website that is offered by afilistores. Also, the link to takes you to an unsecured website that I is for software development and not shop,com affiliate associate. Now I’m worried that my information is out there on the web, I didn’t notice the not secure website notice right away. Your directions are skimpy, The video sound quality is muffled on most of the videos. the only written directions that I found were for setting up affiliate codes – yet you don’t mention this link in the video. The directions do not explain what information needs to go where and from where you should be getting this information. The video is out of date with the newer Amazon policies. Basically, I wasted nearly 24 hours over 3 days with nothing to show for it. I want my money back. This afilistores is only a funnel to sell the $1000 program. I do not trust JVZoo or Rod Beckman or any of the other folks who touted this program

    • Hi

      Sorry to hear.
      Did you contact their support? If you need help I can help you to reach the vendor.

      Admin SandegiReview

  2. I did. The link I used was given to me through JVZoo and took me to aiddesk for them. I got a response about 12 hours later asking me if I wanted to upgrade and would I tell them the problems. The responder obviously did not even read my email. It was probably a canned auto response. If you have a better email address, I would appreciate it. I have not received any other emails since their autoresponder. Thank you

    • Hi Judy Stinson

      Thank you for comment here. Sure, what can I help you?
      Please let me know, I will ask the vendor about your problem.

      Rustam Sandegi

  3. I am having the worst problem with getting APIs to work. This is really very technical and yet the training looks easy. every single one of the sites I get as far as singing up for the affiliate program and then it goes to these very confusing technical pages. Also the site templates are not very attractive. they look like something from 1995. But the main problem is the API keys. Is there a forum or group for this program anywhere to get more info? Everything I click on just goes to a review that is really an ad for someone selling the program. I would really like to make this work. It has so many things built in to the system but seems sort of unfinished. It’s as if the designers started and then decided to focus on upsells and using my email for other affiliate programs.

    • Hi John Fish

      Thank you for leave comment here. Did you ask the support team?
      Let me know if you need my help to reach them.

      Thank you
      Rustam Sandegi

  4. I bought Digifunnel Labs in good faith as well. I have sent numerous request to cancel and asked for my refund and nothing has been done. It say’s 30-day money back guarantee??? Rod Beckman replied to my help ticket I submitted asking “WHY” I didn’t like the product and told me they’re making a lot of changes and improvements and that he would upgrade or whatever it takes if I wouldn’t cancel? I sent 3 requests since then to ask for my refund and no response? I think it’s unethical and poor business but is this legal? When it states a 30-day money back guarantee?

    If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do please let me know. What are they waiting for my 30-days to be up before they say, “it’s too late?”

    • Hi,
      First, thank you for visiting our blog.
      Maybe you can reach JVZoo support and ask them about your case.
      I think they will help you to reach the support team.

      Thanks again
      Feel free to leave reply if you still have any questions.

      Rustam Sandegi

  5. Glynn Kosky is very dishonest and will not honor any refunds as promised. He is also rude in his responses … stay away from any thing he touches.


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