AffiliFunnels Review – DFY Digital Products and Sales Funnels

AffiliFunnels Review – What is AffiliFunnel? Affili Funnel or AffiliFunnel Pro is brand new software by Glynn Kosky and Robb, this product is DFY sales funnel, include product and squeeze page. With this product you will get your digital product in a few clicks, you will also get the squeeze page to use as a give-away to get more email leads. With this product what you need to do is just choose from ready-to-use product, or you can also create your own product, you can also add backend offer that will makes profit after someone opts-into your list.

AffiliFunnels is 100% cloud-based software, so everything is hosted in cloud, you don’t need to download or install anything, what you need to do is just 3 simple steps, first step is login, and step two is choose the product and choose the creation method, and step 3 add product to your sales funnel and insert your payment method. For more details, please scroll down below.

affilifunnels review

Product Name:AffiliFunnels
Vendor Name:Glynn Kosky
Product Type:Web-Based Software
Launch Date and Time :2019-Feb-02 at 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$22.95
Customer Support:Yes
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Gurantee Status:14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Official SiteClick Here

AffiliFunnels Review – About Creator

He is good marketer and also good product creator, he always launch quality product such as Instant Product Lab, Hijakrr Pro, Traffic Takeover, and many more. And Glynn Kosky and his team launch this brand new software that will help lot of people, to grow their email list by using DFY funnels creator features on AffiliFunnels.

AffiliFunnels Review – Features and Benefits

Below is the features and benefits of AffiliFunnels

You will get 3 tools bundled

  • Tool 1: Squeeze Page Builder
    With this tool, you can create stunning opt-in pages, intergreated with all major autoresponder, you can choose from multiple templates ready to use, so this is DFY list building solution.
  • Tool 2: Digital Product Creator
    With this tool, you can create your digital product by using product templates, you can also select article from AffiliFunnels database, you can convert article to digital products, create product from any URL, copy paste your own article to create digital product, and many more.
  • Tool 3: DFY Sales Funnel Builder
    With this tool you can build your own sales funnel, fully integrated with PayPal, so you can get paid when customers purchase a product through your funnel, you can also redirect customer to an affiliate offer, you can also connect your funnels with autoresponder, and more.

And the benefits using AffiliFunnels is:

This is 100% cloud-based software and 100% done-for-you salesfunnel creator, nothing to download, and you can create your first digital product in few clicks, you can build your email list using AffiliFunnels, you can also create high converting landing pages for your digital products and you sales funnel.

AffiliFunnels Review – How it Works

For more detail, you can check the demo videos below:


AffiliFunnels OTO Upsells

Unlock more features and get more benefits, you can check the AffiliFunnels OTO below:

AffiliFunnels OTO 1 – AffiliFunnels GOLD PRO ($67)

With this OTO 1 you will unlock features:

  • You will get instant access to ‘DFY’ funnels, include landing pages, thank you pages, and high quality products done for you, so what you need to do just integrate with your favorite autoresponder and add your payment method.
  • You will get high demand products
  • No need any tecincal works, because all the technical work done by AffiliFunnels team
  • All Funnels already proven and tested
  • All Funnels added automatically
  • More additional training
  • Click here to learn more about AffiliFunnels OTO 1

AffiliFunnels OTO 2 – AffiliFunnels PLATINUM PRO

With this OTO 2 you will unlock:

  • You will be able to create video reviews for any affiliate products.
  • No need any video creation skills, no need to speak in front of camera
  • You can select affiliate product from the database
  • SEO optimized to rank on Google and YouTube
  • Direct any traffic to a salespage
  • Click here to learn more about AffiliFunnels OTO 2

AffiliFunnels OTO 3 – AffiliFunnels TITANIUM PRO

With this OTO 3 you will unlock features:

AffiliFunnels OTO 4 – AffiliFunnels TRAFFIC PRO

With this OTO 4 you will unlock features:

  • You will get DFY traffic system
  • You can place Facebook or Google Ads pixel
  • Get training how to get your pixel
  • Full training on how to run ads via retargeting
  • Learn more about free and high converting traffic for MMO niches
  • and many more. Click here to learn more about AffiliFunnels OTO 4

AffiliFunnels OTO 5 – AffiliFunnels LICENSE PRO

With this OTO 5 you will get:

  • You will gets reseller right
  • You will get Done-For-You email swipes
  • You will get everything is done for you
  • You will also get video traffic series to help you sell Auto Profit Funnels
  • You can access to Glynn via FB and Skype if you need any future help
  • and much more. Click here to learn more about AffiliFunnels OTO 5

AffiliFunnels Review Conclusion and My Opinion

Thank you for reading my review about AffiliFunnels, and my opinion is this software is perfect for anyone who want to, build list, and selling digital product as an affilate. Because with this product you can create squeeze pages without need any techincal skills and any copywriting skills. You just need select templates and select digital product from AffiliFunnels libraries. For more details please click button below. Hope this review helpful, and help you to make right desicion. Thank you!


get now


Hi, my name is Rustam Sandegi, I write review content on this blog with all my heart, the articles on this blog are based on personal experience and also personal opinion. Hopefully, the articles on this website are useful. Thank you for visiting my website

2 thoughts on “AffiliFunnels Review – DFY Digital Products and Sales Funnels”

  1. Hello Sir,
    Sir I am a newbie!
    and need your suggestions:
    I am looking for a system that is less expensive but help me earn money soon to survive.
    I bought first “moto theme” last year but it confused showing another sale oto1. But because of lack of finance I didn’t get it then and failed to build a website. I tried to find other free/less expensive method but failed because of lack of features and lack of knowledge too. Meanwhile I am working as a painting contractor and earning a little amount to servive. Also I am searching regularly for another source of income, but not have bank balance to invest big.
    Last week once again I got email about the “UltraSuite” Theme with max. features, I attracted and some how arranged money to bought it. But I see oto1 (pro) which was not possible to get for me. Anyhow I breathe deep and made confidence in, I thought, I can do it myself! but when started, I stuck in because there is missing the”blog template” and main ready pages which I can customize with my little knowledge. There ware lead pages, squeeze pages but not any primary pages which I wanted to find to customize easily. Anyhow I searched the
    “WP Affiliate Machine” by Ankur Shukla. I found this to start easy implementation and bought it some how. Linked to the site and started to importing the reviewed posts by Ankur Shukla for his products. Although some features of the plugin are not working. Like auto share to my all social network, besides Twitter. I complained but not helped after 3 days now.
    Sir! actually slowly but I reached here today and read your review about “affili funnels” and see all the oto’s 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.
    And trying to understand the strategy for marketing. Before it I was thinking about full fledged Websites only. But now I have some understanding about funnels building and minisites building.
    But now my main question is,
    Should/can I buy oto4 of AffiliFunnels to start directly with its full features?
    Or should started by 1st of it’s kind, oto2, 3 then oto4 sequencely?
    Kindly suggest that fits for me to some earnable money soon. Because I am suffering financially and can not invest so much, but very needy to earn to survive family of four.
    I want to work from home because of lack of movability due to an accident been like a handicap.
    That so why I sent to you by God to know the easy and better way. I think I am in right place.
    And also
    Hoping for your good suggestions? Please.
    Thanks a lot,
    Yours faith fully,
    Rambachan Yadav
    Work in progress only for all my websites because of none techi but trying to learn more soon..
    ?(of course you may laugh on)

    • Hi Sir

      Thank you very much visiting and reading my article review.
      Normally vendor (product creator) required all the funnels, so if you want OTO 4, so you must have the OTO 1,2,3
      But, sometimes some vendor not required all the funnels.

      So my suggestion is, you can ask the vendor about buying the OTO 4 without OTO 1,2,3. And second, or buy the OTO 4
      directly, however if the features didn’t complete, you need to buy the OTO 1,2,3. Hope this answer your questions.

      Feel free to leave reply if you still have any questions. Thanks again



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