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AffiliCreatr Review – Affiliate marketing is still a promising business for many people around the world. With the technology of the internet and the era of online marketing, affiliate business is perfectly growing and getting bigger. That is why many affiliate program is attracting more people to deal with this business. Furthermore, many suitable WordPress plugins to help with this program were also created. Including AffiliCreatr, a software that automatically built a complete automated done-for-you affiliate sites in few minutes only.

AffiliCreatr is a solution that needs no content creation. Furthermore, it is 100% automated so that it can help to manage the better result. For those that feel curious and interest using this software, you can continue reading the following details and explanation.


AffiliCreatr Features

Selecting this incredible WordPress plugin can give the user various features such as a list in the following points:

  • Over 10,000 articles to choose from. Creating nice content will consume too much time. However, good content is an important part of the business. Therefore, to solve this matter, this software generates a database with over 10,000 articles that can use in according to the selected matching keyword. With this feature, you will never need to feel worried about the content again.
  • Trending news from over 75,000 worldwide sources. As the best sources of content, fresh and updated news is a good supply for the content. Through this plugin, you can add trending news from over the entire world with just a click.
  • More content from any website RSS feed. This WordPress plugin also prepares various sections of content that can be added to your site from any RSS feed automatically. Just enter an RSS feed, pick the content, and then done.
  • Over 1.7 million images to choose from. Images are a critical element for every affiliate site. But sometimes it is difficult to get the most suitable image. With this product, you don’t need to feel worried, since it can give you various free royalty images that ready to use. Just search for a suitable keyword, choose the image, and the software will automatically add this image as a feature in your post.
  • Automatic video insertion. It’s a great idea to add relevant YouTube videos to each post to add content, increase engagement and, of course, Google loves to see them. But manually add a videos to your posts takes way too much time. With AffiliCreatr, it is completely automatic. The software will add a YouTube video relevant to your keyword to each post without you having to do a thing!
  • Automatic monetization of every post on your site. Adding affiliate products to the site can take too much time. But with this product, you can simply enter in any affiliate ad you select automatically. It is completely hands-free and no API is needed.

AffiliCreatr Benefits

Not only giving the excellent features above, but it is also gives many benefits and advantages as mention in the below points:

  • It gives a various incredible stunning free image, video, news, content, and anything that suit with your expectation in a very fast way. All you have to do is selecting any keyword that selects any necessary image or video to complete your post. Then this product will help you to automatically generate it to give more income to your site.
  • This product also completes with many excellent advanced features. Such as built-in automatic content spinning integration, which allows content spinning to make it unique. So that in the end it can help you to instantly monetize the site with automatic ways without wasting more time and effort.
  • AffiliCreatr can help to promote the program without API needed. With this plugin, you will able to promote any affiliate program you like simple and the software will perform everything automatically for you.
  • This plugin works with any WordPress theme. Therefore, no need to worry no matter what theme is selected. With this software, you will able to completely control the look and the feel of your site. Furthermore, it helps you to run your current theme perfectly.
  • The software is completely mobile-friendly and also responsive too. As long as the WordPress theme is mobile optimize, then this software will work well to support your site.

AffiliCreatr Pros and Cons


There are few major highlights to consider whenever you want to select the most suitable WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. First is the automation technology, second is the user-friendly method, and last is the promising result. If those three is your concern, then you are selecting the right product by choosing AffiliCreatr.

The best thing that you will get through selecting this software is the numerous features mention in the above paragraphs. Not to count on all the benefits and also other easiest thing that you can do with this product. Therefore, AffiliCreatr is a product that will guarantee your satisfying. With this plugin, you will able to get a great affiliate business that can generate some huge income and revenue to your finances starting from the day you decide to use it.


More features and benefits can be found in the upsell.

My Opinion and Conclusion

Running a nice online business, especially a good affiliate business, will take some effort and time. But with AffiliCreatr, these two things may just be history and forgotten. This plugin will solve all those issues and help you to generate nice affiliate sites that can work automatically to give you money every time. Therefore, this is a good investment for those who want to start developing their passive income for the future.

With three major steps consisting of upload the plugin, choose the topic and let the software works, AffiliCreatr will generate everything in great ways and fasten time. So that no longer waiting for income, no more difficulties to find suitable content, you can pass it all to AffiliCreatr. Take the chance to get this product as soon as possible. Make a good business decision by selecting this product and see how this plugin will generate you a good income every time.

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