AdRaven OTO – FE and OTO Review

AdRaven OTO Review

First to Market App Unlocks iOS14 Restrictions to Get You More Leads, Traffic, Sales, and Profits by Using a Loophole Within Facebook’s and Instagram’s Retargeting System… First to Market App Gets You More Leads, Traffic, Sales, and Profits Increase Your Sales While Cutting Your Advertising Costs in Half Using This Easy-to-Use, 4-Step Setup That Features Hyper-Precise Targeting.

AdRaven is a brand new and first to market software that uses cookieless retargetting and sends all of the user data bypassing iOS14 blocks, adblocks using server side tracking. It also provides precise and accurate data to minimize your ad spend and maximize your clicks, sales, and profit. AdRaven can be found at


Get around the restrictions and adblockers in iOS 14. AdRaven provides an unlimited number of pixels and campaigns. Link an unlimited number of websites and advertising accounts.

Now that you have access to the most exact data, you can perform hyper-precision targeting on any device, free from the limits imposed by iOS or adblockers. You may simply show ads to the most promising prospects and potential customers, which will result in a significant reduction in the amount of money spent on advertising and a jump in revenues.

AdRaven OTO

One other benefit of employing this approach is that FacebookTM will look favorably upon you for doing so…

FacebookTM would like you to feed them the most accurate data you can find regarding user behavior. They want to ensure that they are only displaying advertisements to people who are engaged in the topic at hand, which will ultimately result in them rewarding advertisers who are generating higher ROIs. Imagine for a moment that other advertisers are spending thousands of dollars mindlessly without even attempting to target their potential customers, and FacebookTM is punishing them by making them pay a higher price for their advertisements.

As soon as the iOS 14 update was made available, millions of Facebook and Instagram users suddenly lost their Audience, Targeting, winning ad campaigns, and other data. This happened this week. Millions of business owners who were previously successful in using Facebook and Instagram advertisements to drive hyper targeted traffic to their sales funnels, websites, and other online retailers noticed a drop in income of up to 50 percent as a result of the platforms’ changes.

To think that this is only the beginning…

It is estimated that more than fifty percent of mobile users in the United States own an Apple device, which translates to more than one hundred fifty million potential clients. However, you will soon be unable to track or target any of these individuals. This straightforward approach can assist you in overcoming this possible upgrade and begin providing you with even greater results and return on investment (ROI) than before. The revolutionary new program known as AdRaven will completely transform the way in which you manage your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. AdRaven will officially launch on June 14 at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

AdRaven OTO, Click Here for Detail

Front End

Bypassing iOS 14’s limits on having an unlimited number of AdRaven Pixels
Join an infinite number of Websites.
Unlimited Tracks Available Conversions that are either predefined or made to order
Unlimited number of pages viewed
Get 100 percent accurate Facebook data
Connect an infinite number of advertising accounts
You should never grant a third-party service access to your personal Facebook account.
Enhance the performance of advertisements and increase product sales.
Conversions Commercial license for API tracking with an unlimited number of browser tracking requests
5 Accounts for Additional Users
100+ DFY Ads That Have a High Success Rate
Hidden Facebook Interest Finder
Image Editor Comparable to Photoshop with Unlimited Data Sources


$67 for AdRaven Unlimited Edition.
Unlimited Targeting – Uncover People’s Secret Passions
Uncountable numbers of websites
Unlimited amounts of pixels
Unrestricted Number of Ad Accounts
Advertisement Maker With No Limits (Create Facebook Instagram Ads)
Unlimited users who visit your page and pageviews
Unlimited Capability for Customization
Unlimited Numbers of Leads
14+ Network (the) Social Media Poster Stock Videos
Stock Photos
Google Tag Manager
AdWords Pixels
Quora Pixels
Pinterest Pixels
Twitter Pixels
Linkedin Pixels
20 SubUsers


AdRaven Links Raven $67, Bypass Disable facebook links Unlimited link cloaking High inboxing Built-in facebook remarketing
CTA Overlays With Geotargeting Devices And Targeting Devices
Detailed reports
Integration of social networking with your own domain name
Analytics on leads taken
Password-Protected Link Expires After a Certain Amount of Time
Covering the Masses


5 Lead Generation Pages Included in the AdRaven Agency Edition for $67
Scripts for cold calling and an email follow-up sequence
Advertisement Layouts for Facebook
Banner ad templates provided by Google.
Today is the perfect time to launch your own advertising agency.


$197 for AdRaven Reseller Edition.
Utilize Your Own Website While Including Your Branding
User Admin Dashboard for DFY Sales Material, Where You Can Add Your Logo
Maintain one hundred percent of the net profit Unlimited Support

Apple has just blocked access to your website, did you know that? Apple has just removed the capability of your website and Facebook to analyze your visits, leads, customers, and purchases with the release of the iOS 14 upgrade. So, what exactly does all of this entail for you?

The audience size will continue to decrease, poor ad targeting will occur, and an inability to generate high-quality leads and sales will be the end outcome. A negative return on investment (ROI), an inability to generate audiences based on the Facebook pixel, and wasting money targeting random audiences

And this is just the beginning!

Google and other major IT companies will soon follow Apple’s lead. But every time we face a new obstacle, we learn a new way to solve the problem. AdRaven is the world’s easiest Facebook and Instagram targeting and tracking software, and we’d like to use this opportunity to introduce you to it. You will be able to achieve even better targeting, high quality leads, consumers, and sales from your Facebook and Instagram advertisements campaign after you begin using the AdRaven app. This will allow you to get around the block that Apple iOS 14 places on your device.

The AdRaven Software is the world’s easiest app, and its implementation may be completed in just three easy steps.

1. Enter your login information into the AdRaven dashboard.
2. Make a brand new pixel.
3. All you need to do is link your advertisements account with Facebook or Instagram, and you’re good to go.

In addition to this, when you make a purchase of AdRaven today, you will be given exclusive access to the following features and tools: -Our program for targeting hidden interests -A tool for creating advertising on Facebook and Instagram – An Expert Photographic Editor and ad campaigns that are completed on your behalf

What are you waiting for, click the link below to secure your unique access and take advantage of our exclusive early bird deal, and what are you waiting for?

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