5 Tips on How To Write Good Answer on Quora

Writing the best answers on Quora is a challenge for anyone who wants to use Quora as a platform to bring visitors to the website. The best answer will get more views and you can get visitors either to your quora profile, or can to the URL that you put in the answer without spamming of course.

Writing answers is also not easy, because the more answers in 1 question in Quora, of course, the more difficult you will get upvotes, so you have to give a good answer. Then how do you write a good answer on Quora?

5 Tips on How To Write Good Answer on Quora

Before we discuss how to provide the best answer in Quora, maybe some of you ask, what is the benefit of answering questions on Quora? Okay we first discuss the benefits that can be obtained from answering questions on Quora

What is The Benefit of Answering Questions on Quora

First, we talk about the Quora platform first. Quora is the top 100 websites visited in the world and has more than 620 million visitors every month. A site with very many visitors every month! Like most social media or microblogging sites, sites with hundreds of millions of visitors can help anyone to bring visitors to the user’s website if used the right way.

Yes, Quora is also one place to bring visitors to your website, collect leads, and even make money online with affiliate marketing. And the only way to bring visitors to the website is to provide the best answers on Quora.

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In addition to getting visitors to the website, the benefits of answering questions on Quora also get income from the Quora Partner Program, this program is only available in a few countries. With this program, Quora will pay you for every quality question.

Okay, we will not discuss further the benefits gained from answering questions in Quora, you can read it in this article if you want to find out more about the benefits. This article focuses on discussing how to write good answers in Quora.

5 Tips on How To Write Good Answer on Quora

Answer questions according to your passion

It is undeniable, that if you answer a question that has indeed been of your interest for years it will be far easier than you answering a question that you don’t really know. In addition to being easy to answer questions that interest you, answering questions that fit your interests will provide quality answers, especially if you are already an expert in that field.

To search for questions that are closely related to your interests, you only need to use the search feature in Quora, and you can search by keyword or you can also search for questions in the categories available on Quora

quora search features

quora search suggestions


2. Give a deep analysis 

To write a good answer on Quora, you have to give an in-depth analysis, not why you use results or data from other sources by providing information about that source. The deeper the information or analysis you provide the better your answers at Quora.

You can also look for scientific journals on the topic being discussed so that the analysis you provide will be very useful for the reader. How do you find a scientific journal on the topic being discussed?

You can search for paper and research on SSRN sites. You can also search for journals using the search feature. Don’t forget to put research sources if you use the research to answer questions in Quora. The deeper your analysis, the better the quality of your answers. And surely there will be many people who give upvotes on your answers

3. Watch Some YouTube Videos

Sometimes the full answer is already on YouTube, many channels may have already discussed the answer, if so. You have many sources for giving the best answers, try to understand the contents of the video and you can start making good writing to answer the questions in Quora.

You can also watch more than one video to find deeper answers.

4. Write neatly

Apart from the contents of the answers that must be quality, you also have to write them neatly. Don’t make long paragraphs without pauses and without good punctuation. You can use this model.

  • The initial paragraph can tell about your experience and why you are the right person to answer it
  • Intro answer
  • Full answers with pictures will be better
  • And conclusions

With structured answers, people will enjoy reading it, and you will get lots of upvotes and of course lots of views

5. Avoid many outgoing links

People just need to look for answers in Quora, without having to visit many websites outside Quora. So as much as possible you provide a complete answer without having to provide an outgoing link.

If you provide hyperlinks to other sources, make sure no more than 3 if you write 100 words. Make a complete article with in-depth analysis, if you have to provide a link you can provide it in Footnote, use the footnote function if you want to provide a link to a more complete source


That’s the 5 things I usually use when answering questions on Quora. Do you miss anything else? Try to convey in the comments column. Hopefully, this article is useful. Thanks!


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