2x You Masterclass Review FE and OTO – by Tom Tate et al

2x You Masterclass Review – 2x You Masterclass is a course by Tom Tate, Randy Pryor, and Le-an Lai Lacaba that will show you how to create a digital business and have your own team. You will learn from the basics, the business mindset, how to find employees, and give them assignments, train them, and also how to make them work well.

Not just a guide, what I like about this product is that you will also get a template for how to hire employees and how to get good employees, avoiding you from bad performance employees.

You will learn how to give employees worksheets so that they complete your project with the best quality. And you will also learn how you can manage virtual employe properly using the quick report.

2x masterclass review

2x You Masterclass Review – What will you learn

Below are the main modules of 2x You Masterclass

Module 1:
Learn from the right mindset, how to recruit employees correctly, how to put them in the correct position, how to hold them accountable for their work. You will also learn how to give them responsibilities and jobs to how to train them to work quickly

Module 2:
In this module, you will learn how to use tools to work with your employees, ranging from communicating in teams, time tracking, payment methods, project management, and others.

Module 3:
In this module, you will learn how to recruit employees, how to post appropriate job advertisements, and how to find out if someone is suitable for your project or not

Module 4:
In this module, you will learn how to communicate with former employees so that your relationship stays good, which can have a good impact on your business.

These are the four core modules of 2x You Masterclass. You will not only get the module, but you will also get:

  • Template for hiring employees
  • A tool for monitoring employees with spreadsheets
  • Worksheets for your employee tasklist,
  • Daily report for your employees
  • Automation templates to make your employees systematic
  • And a bonus of about ten things you can give a virtual assistant

2x You Masterclass Review – Benefits

  • The benefits of this masterclass are
  • You can make your team more loyal
  • Make your team more productive
  • How to make your team complete the project very well
  • And how to make them work hard for your project

2x You Masterclass Testimonials

Who is 2x You Masterclass For?

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to have a team for their business, or who already has a team for business but wants to maximize teamwork. At the same time, with this guide, you will also learn how to build a family relationship with the team so that they work hard to be happy for the success of your project.

2x You Masterclass OTO

You can also grab the OTO for more benefits

OTO 1 – Templates For Hiring

  • Job templates
  • Email templates
  • Custom templates
  • Email templates for manage employee

OTO 2 – Coaching and More Templates

  • Facebook group support
  • Weekly coaching
  • Hiring one employee
  • Get all of the templates

OTO 3 – More Benefits

  • Live interviews with applicants
  • Their team will hire employees for you
  • Custom test for applicants
  • Weekly coaching call


Thank you for reading my review about 2x You Masterclass, this course is perfect for business people who want to improve the quality and performance of their employees without having to damage the relationships between teams. With this guide, you will improve team performance and also enhance good relations with your employees and make them work hard happily for your business. Hopefully, this review is useful, more complete information please click the button below.

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