15 Way How To Promote Your Online Business and Get More Customer

Easy but Worthy 15 Way How to Promote Your Online Business and Get More Customer – Nowadays, the online world is becoming an important thing, which cannot be separated from everyday life. From time to time, even business is taking great consideration of the online world. If you are a business or just want to start your business, here are 15 way how to promote your online business and get more customer.

how to promote your site

1. Have a blog or official site, then post high-quality content regularly

You need a special place to post any information to make people easier in looking for information about it. Posting high-quality content in a blog or site is a long-term strategy. You may not get hundreds of customers right away. However, this marketing method can give you something worth in return. Besides that, this marketing method will also drive the interest of Google and leads you to create authority.

2. Creating a branded email signature

This method is so simple and easy to do. It helps to promote your business passively to people you often have contact with. To make it work better, you need to include social media links in the email signature as well.

3. Use Angie’s List or TripAdvisor

Both Angie’s List and TripAdvisor is a perfect place for any business to reach thousands audience of potential consumers. Besides, people who already had experience with your company can leave a review as well; which will be read by many other people. These sites provide good links for SEO. If your business is related to travel field, use TripAdvisor. If you are selling services, use Angie’s List.

4. Market your product on Quora and Medium

This marketing method is suitable for a new domain (no more than 2 years old) with little authority built up. First, write a content n your website. Make sure it provides high-quality information and has unique keywords. After that, write another article on sites such as Quora and Medium. You also need to make it has unique keywords. Then, create a link from that article (by using primary or relevant keywords to the article on your blog or site). This content marketing method is a powerful one to gain traction on Google’s SERPs.

5. Get well-known people to collaborate

Popular people have their own fans. You can make use of it by having a collaboration with them. Ask them to try your product and give some comments about it will draw interest to people; more over for people who idolize them. If you are using a blog, you can also try to find a popular blogger, who often writes about a certain subject, which is correlated to your line of work. If you have something of value to be added to their posts, you can create a good and advantageous collaboration.

how to promote your site

6. Website optimization

An optimization of a website can bring great different to any business. However, this method is suitable for business, which is already more than2 years and has built little authority of content. If you do not fulfill these conditions but insist to do this method, you may have to pass hard time to compete.

The goal of this method is to build excellent content and ensure that you can optimize the On Page and Off Page SEO of your website. In this method, you need to pay attention to several things. They are meta descriptions, mobile usability, the site’s speed, link profile, citing of sources, reading level, content quality, as well as insightfulness. It is included in the long-term method, so do not give up if you cannot see the result quickly. As we know SEO also need offpage optimization, and need so much efforts and money to outsource, but we can also use a software to automated our SEO work, you can read this post here about Rank Snap Review.

7. Make use of Facebook

Facebook can be the right place to reach the demographics, as you wanted for your business. Use metrics such as geographic location, interests, marital status, age, and many more. It will locate potential consumers for sending to the targeted landing pages strategically. This method is also what many people called as a squeeze page.

8. Instagram

As Instagram is the trending social media nowadays, you also need o take the advantages of it. You can reach thousands of people in many countries of the world only by using this social media. You can use Instagram influencer as well to spread any message you want people to know about your product. For Instagram, you can optimize your insta story with this video creator software, use Insta Stories 2.0 software.

9. Gain the trust of your consumers

One problem for any business to start growing is the lack of trust from new consumers. As people do not have any experience yet or do not know someone who will work with them, they will be hesitating to try. To solve this problem, you can use sites such as Yelp and Trust Pilot. Those sites will help to increase the transparency and let other people know about their experience of your business.

10. A new start for local business

If the business you are running meant to be a local one, you can use sites such as Yahoo Local as well as Google Local. These sites are a perfect tool to advertise a business, which aims to attract nearby customers. They will provide public details, for example, the address of your company in Google Maps appearances. Information about the store hours is also available to be added.

11. Have a giveaway event

Almost all people cannot resist a free product or service. You can also use it as your marketing method to gain people’s attention as well as showing them about the product you have. Holding a giveaway event in your social media account or site is an option you can take. Besides that, you can also find other company or professionals to conduct an award or co-sponsor event.

how to promote your site

12. Spread your hashtag

On any social media, you can use relevant hashtags to promote your business. Using the hashtag for every product you have will ease people to find information about it. Besides, you also need to follow others who are in the related industry or niche with the hashtag you made. This method is also a long-term one, so you will need to be patent to enjoy the result.

13. Use Google Places

This method will allow your business to be found easier when people are looking for it in Google. Moreover, it will show up in Google Maps as well. First, you need to fill the form then register. After that, get your business verified. When it is done, you can check the result and let it help your business grow slowly but surely. You can also use a software to find your competitor google business, and spy how they rank their site on Google Local Busines. You can read Local Profits 360 Review here.

14. Having press release

You can do press release whenever your business does newsworthy thing. It is a powerful media, which you can use to help generate publicity. If it is possible, you can also have free distribution to make people know about your business. Some websites you can use for this purpose are PRLog as well as 24/7 Press Release.

15. Join with relevant online community

Almost every niche has online communities. You can involve your business on it. To make it work, you need to contribute actively and build rapport with the community. Then, promote your business passively and put a link of your signature or mention it when the context is appropriate. Avoid posting once in a while as it may annoy some people.

Those are all 15 way how to promote your online business and get more customer that we can share. We highly hope that all the above method can help you to find a better method for promoting your online business.


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