15 Legit Ways to Earn Money Online From Home 2020

15 Legit Ways to Earn Money Online 2020 – The modern era is the era of technology. Technology dominates each and every aspect of our life, allowing us to simplify the basic activities too. When it comes to money-making, online platforms have become quite popular mediums of earning money without any hassles. Here are some of the basic methods about legit ways to make money online from home.

make money online

1. A beginner’s guide to making money with Google AdSense

make money google adsense

When it comes to making money by means of online platforms, reliability is one of the prime consideration and Google AdSense offers you all the required security and safety. To make money with google adsense, follow the following steps:

  • Create an account on Google AdSense which is absolutely free of cost
  • Next, create the ad unit on AdSense, for this purpose, you will have to select the size of your ad unit and name it too.
  • Make your website attractive. This is to say that keep it rich in content and presentation and also make sure that it gets huge traffic.
  • While using AdSense, you play the role of a publisher and you have to publicize the product of the client. The more people are attracted to your website, the greater are the chances of you earning money.
  • You can also add your search engines with your account on AdSense which can help you to generate money on the website.
  • Your commission is based on the number of clicks that you will be getting on the website. The more is the traffic, the more are the chances of getting the desired clicks on the ad of the publisher.
  • The advertiser will pay you when someone clicks on his ad.

2. A guide for how to make money with affiliate marketing on ClickBank using YouTube as a traffic source

make money online clickbank

Clickbank is yet another medium by means of which the new age marketers can earn good money with the help of affiliate marketing. Here is a list of the major steps that are to be followed to earn money by making use of the website-

  • For the purpose of earning money by means of affiliate, you need to first have an account on the website. Sign up and create an account in a few simple steps.
  • Choose from a plethora of products that are available on the website. For beginners, it is advised to choose products that have a high commission rate
  • Next, you need to make use of YouTube to draw traffic to the product. For this purpose, create a YouTube video in which you review the product. For the purpose of review, you can either ask for a ‘sales copy’ of the product from the company itself or can make use of the sales page.
  • As soon as you upload the video, make use of tools for the purpose of generating free views to attract more traffic to your video.
  • Add a link of the product that redirects the user to the website.

3. Make money with affiliate marketing on ClickBank using blog post SEO as a traffic source

Earning money by means of the blog is quite simple and easy. If you have a blog and have a sufficient number of followers on it, you can advertise the product of the marketer by means of your blog posts and can revenue from it. Here is a basic guide on how to make money with affiliate marketing on ClickBank using blog post SEO as a traffic source-

  • Firstly, you need to create an account on any of the writing platforms like WordPress. If you already have a domain name, you can continue using the same or can create a separate and official account.
  • Once the account is created, you need to choose a product of your choice. This might be a product from clickbank which intrigues you or you can choose it from the business point of view. If you wish to go with the latter option, make sure that the product generates a good return.
  • Write posts about the product, explaining its features and uses. In each article, make sure to add the link of the product so that the user is redirected to the user.
  • Next, make use of the SEO tools to garner more publicity on the page.

 4. Make money with affiliate marketing on JVZoo using blog post SEO as a traffic

make money online jvzoo

This can be termed as one of the most successful ways to earn money with affiliate marketing. All it would take from your end is to register for the program to start earning. After that make sure that you are putting up logos and links on your blog. There are many other parameters that you must consider as they will elevate the standard of affiliate marketing even further. First and foremost, you need to get traffic on the website and while it can be achieved through SEO and help you generate money, it is more important than you know who your readers are who would be willing to show interest in your content.

Now, for you to keep getting traffic especially from your own niche, write blogs that are of particularly high content. This will not only keep the current traffic intact and intrigued but will also help you better your ranking on the search engines due to stronger backlinks and effectuating more traffic. Also, make sure that you are looking for the affiliate offers that are good and help you in successfully achieving what you want.

5. Make money with affiliate marketing on JVZoo YouTube as a traffic source

Affiliate marketing through YouTube has been gaining massive popularity because of the traffic on the website. A lot of people who explain a product or give their feedback on it are particularly concerned about making money from affiliate marketing. All you have to do is put the link of the product that gets mentioned in your video and you will get a percentage of the profit that the companies make if the viewer is redirected to the purchasing website through your link. The companies, too, are in this and there are various industrial giants that support this marketing program.

What you would need to do is keep looking online to find the companies appreciating the affiliate programs. You can even target the companies that sell multiple brands and thus, can look for more such links. There is no legality clause as such on YouTube where you will be penalized for such an activity but the YouTubers have always mentioned if they are willing to pursue affiliate marketing. This is for your own safety as the most important aspect of marketing is to be safer than sorry more so, here.

6. Make money online create an online course on Udemy

make money online udemy

Udemy has been a major site to earn money if you feel you have the knowledge to impart. All you would have to do initially is to make an account on the website which could be done for totally free of cost. The next step would be to create the course. When you are creating the course, you should know that there will be other courses on the topic and therefore, you must ensure that your course is well planned out and has solid informative content.

To generate money, Udemy offers you a number of ways such as the visitors on your course, affiliate programs or even advertisement. They have defined rules for sharing the revenue too and you must choose the program based on the amount of revenue you would want to keep for yourself. If the visitors come to your content naturally because of its quality, you are liable to get the entire amount generated. If Udemy directs the traffic to your content, you will only be able to get half of the total revenue generated. For others, you can refer to the website and decide what suits you best.

7. Make money online with game reskin

make money online app reskin

Modifying a source code to create an app that is completely different in terms of the features but not drastic modifications to the code is called reskinning. The superficial changes in graphics, sound, and layout are comparatively easy with this process making it the most cost-effective method to launch the app. The basic idea behind it changing the appearance of the app. The basic process involves the selection of source code, the addition of new networks, the addition of ad networks and IDs and then uploading the app.

The main goal of reskinning the apps is giving a new audience by upgrading the design and graphics of the apps. Apart from this money can be made from reskinning the apps as it is all about saving time and money. Following points should be considered if you want to make money online with game reskinning:

  • Advertisements for the apps as mobile app advertising market can generate revenue.
  • Try to diversify the in-app purchases as it is a great strategy to make money online
  • A subscription model should be ventured as it is the future of app monetization

Despite these strategies, the app monetization strategy should be tailor-fitted and well thought of to make the most from the technology of app reskinning.

8. Make money online with Fiverr

make money online fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that brings together the buyers and sellers from all over the world that can show their talent for copywriting, copyediting and web designing and so much more. A lot of people buy and sell services and products on a daily basis through Fiverr. Its services include a business promotion, social networking, and advertisement to funny videos, graphic design and translations. It is one of the websites that provide online income. Following points should be considered to make money using Fiverr:

  • Fiverr can let you earn 4 dollars per gig, therefore, delivering gigs on fever is one of the options
  • You should take advantage of upselling which means you can charge extra for more detailed and extensive work
  • By offering unique services or works which is not taken generally by people can generate more revenue
  • Create gig images and writing a description for the gigs
  • Try to add videos to your gigs

Areas where you can make money on Fiverr, are WIX for the websites, canvas for the social media posters and Typito for videos. The promotion of the gigs that you have produced is equally important and it is important to know that money from it cannot replace the full-time salary.

9. Make money online as YouTube content creator

make money online with youtube

YouTube is important for society and has a huge audience of almost 1.3 billion as it has a global reach. It is the main platform for digital entertainment in the form of videos. It is a great platform that provides freedom of expression, information, and opportunity.

YouTube believes that everyone deserves a voice and a community can be built over stories and experiences when shared with everyone. Apart from the opportunities and platform that it provides it also gives revenue to the people who develop content on YouTube. Following points should be considered to make money using YouTube:

  • Create a YouTube channel and a custom YouTube URL is created instead of the default one will increase the organic search visibility
  • Find out a niche for your channel which can be a hobby or passion for something
  • Develop a strategy for your content on the channel so that it connects to the audience because just a normal content will not be enough so it has to be utterly creative
  • The YouTube channel should be linked to AdSense and monetization will be added under the channel which will activate the YouTube partnership
  • Use the best tools to design and edit the videos and promote your channel as much as you can

As your popularity for your content will increase you can make most of the money out of it and that will give you the motivation to produce more quality content.

10. Make Money Online As A Writer

make money online as writer

Making money online by writing is not a difficult task if you know where and how to publish your content effectively. It is a great technique for people who wish to work from home in their set hours and avoid commuting daily to work. It is important for online writes to build experience in order to start earning money. The following steps are easy to follow to make money online as a writer:

  • Firstly you should improve your writing. While you write, you should focus on the target audience, an introduction that grabs attention immediately and breaking up your content in bullet points.
  • Start a blog to publish your content. Keep your content brief and always proofread before publishing it online.
  • Along with a blog, you should have an active and strong presence on the social media for promoting your blog. You can also link your social media accounts on your blog.
  • If you have a huge number of followers, some companies pay you to do a sponsor blog post about their product or services on your blog.
  • Join websites which help bloggers by offering freelance writing jobs and then publish your content for those websites.

11. Make Money Online As Graphic Designer On 99designs

make money online on 99design

You don’t have to be exceptionally good in graphic designing to earn money as a graphic designer on 99designs. There are various ways to make money online if you have a skill in designing, illustrating and are comfortable working on graphic designing software:

  • Start with creating an image template for different online blogs. It can be done in very little time and has a high value of perception.
  • You can combine different stock images with image templates and design pins for bloggers. You can help your clients in the publishing process.
  • You can join websites on which you can upload your digital art and it converts it into different types of physical art. It is not very useful but it helps in creativity. You can design anything and put it in sale.
  • Designing to printable to sell on different websites. These are easy to create and are known as digital downloads.
  • Designing logos and brand packages. For designing logos you need a different program.
  • You can install and customize premium WordPress themes according to your needs. It is a simple method for earning on 99designs.
  • You can also earn by designing sidebar Ads, eBooks, and cover images.

12. How to make money online as a photographer?

make mney online with photographer

Photography is not an easy job to do, that too if one is a freelance photographer. Though the internet has made it easy for photographers to generate money by using their skills, and there are many ways to generate revenues with the help of the internet. The photographers can make money through their photo blogs, or websites, but the best way to earn money online is by selling photos on the internet, as stock images.

There are many websites that deal with stock images and one can sell their photographs on such websites. The photographs once listed on these websites can be bought by many companies or individuals, there is no limit and it can be sold n number of times. Every website has own criteria of listing photographs on their respective websites.

Most popular types of images which can easily be sold on these websites are listed below:

  • Photographs of people
  • Photographs of workspace
  • Travel photography
  • Photos popular places in a city
  • Nature and animal photography
  • Product photography

The photographs one is willing to sell online needs to worthy of that, the photographs should be unique and well captured, an amateur cannot be sold online.

13. How to make money online as a videographer?

make money online video grapher

The cinematography is a profession that requires a high level of skills and to earn these skills one needs to practice the art on a constant basis, which requires a lot of time and money. It is not always necessary to have a job on hand especially for a freelance cinematographer, it is always good to have some side income, and the internet is a good way to make money, in fact, not just side income is also a good way of regular income.

There are many ways to do that, but the best way to earn money as a freelance video producer is by selling your work online, there are many websites where one can sell their videos. These websites will sell these videos as stock under different general categories. The videos listed on the websites aren’t just sold once; it can be sold n a numbers of time to n numbers of customers. Each website has its criteria to select the videos that can be listed on their websites.

The videos should be a work of professional and not an amateur one. The videos should be produced on a good professional camera. The videos can be time-lapse of cities, popular places or landscapes or even slow-mo videos or just footage of any popular event.

14. How To Make Money Online As Voice Over Artists?

make money online voice over

Have a great voice? Unbeknownst to you, there is more than just one way to earn money with the help of your voice. This might get you excited and you might want to just jump into doing so but no one just jumps into doing what they want. Firstly you need to understand that there are several steps in the way to becoming a voice artist. There are several things you need to know about along with having a great voice. So here is a run over of the basic steps that you need to do to become a voice artist –

  • Hone your voice acting skills – Yes you heard it right – you do need improvisation because having a naturally good voice isn’t all the help that you need. You also need to improvise and work on it so that it does not become ‘flat’.
  • Feedback – Deciding it by yourself that you are the best is not the right way to do it. Get some feedback.
  • Voice Over Demo – This is a necessary step for applying for all those voice-over roles and work.

So, these are some of the very basic steps to become a voice-over artist. However, up your game, if you want to go longer than basic.

15. How To Make Money Online With Pinterest?

make money online pinterest

If you are interested in looking for ways to make money online from Pinterest, here is what you have to do – firstly, change how you think of Pinterest as simple photo sharing network to your very own global bulletin board. The opportunity for growth and for making money with Pinterest keeps on increasing every day. Here are a few steps that will simplify this for you –

  • Build An Audience – All you have to do is follow your passion, be consistent and build an audience. Now it does seem to be quite easy but it is not. However, persistence is the key here.
  • Choose a company – You have to choose a company that you think you can promote or help in building and all you have to do is ask for sponsorship.
  • Affiliate Products – You must also try to sell products for companies that are ready to give you a small commission on the sale of every product that happens through you.
  • SEO – Use SEO techniques to actually optimize or promote yourself or your account on Pinterest so that more and more people can find you.
  • Your Products – The goal must be to reach a level in the Pinterest industry where you can sell your own products on the basis of your followers.

These are the steps that you need to keep in mind when looking forward to earning money from Pinterest.


Overall, generating money through online resources is not that hard a task but what you should know is how you can do it with effectivity. Acquaint yourself before you go out in the market.

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