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1 Hr WorkDay Review – 1hr WorkDay is a product that includes software as well as training, which will show you how to earn money online up to $ 5k per month with just 1 hour of work per day. You will be doing a specific job and can give you an income from the internet with just 1 hour of work per day. The course you will learn is how to earn $ 5k per month, and the software that you will get is software that you can use to drive traffic to your website. I’ve tried this software and I think this software is great because you can have unique content on your website without having to write content from scratch, you can also use viral content so that your website can get lots of visitors without having to write articles.

So how does this product work? It’s very easy, first you have to buy this product and enter the member area. Connect your blog with 1 Hr WorkDay, you must download the 1 Hr WorkDay plugin available in the member area, install this plugin on your website and you can immediately search for viral content. Content sources from YouTube are very easy to use, just need to enter a keyword in the search field, and you will easily have several videos that are viral, complete with the number of views so you can see which videos are viral and which will go viral. And you can use it for content on your website. For more details, scroll down, in this article we discuss in full about 1 Hr WorkDay

1hr workday review

1 Hr WorkDay Review – Features

Below are the features:

  • Connect with your WordPress blog
  • Search viral content on YouTube
  • Complete stats of YouTube video
  • Post YouTube on your blog
  • Grab content from video subtitle
  • Share on your Social media
  • Grab viral video from Vimeo
  • Easy to integrate with your blog using 1 hr workday plugin

1 Hr WorkDay Review – Benefits

In my opinion, the biggest benefit you will get when using 1 Hr Workday is that you will get a software that really helps you to create content on your website without writing it yourself, you can search for viral content through YouTube and post it to your website very easily. With 1 Hr of WorkDay, anyone can create a website with viral content.

1 Hr WorkDay is also not only software but also training that will show you how to earn thousands of dollars per month using this product.

How does it Work

Using this product is very easy, first you have to connect with your blog, download the 1 hr WorkDay plugin, install and activate this plugin on your WordPress website. So that your website can be connected to the 1-hour WorkDay software.

The second step, create a campaign and look for viral content on YouTube. You only need to enter a keyword and you will get a list of YouTube videos that are viral with great potential, after which you can automatically embed the video on your website. And don’t forget, a powerful feature is taking content from the video subtitles to be used as content on your website.

The third step, traffic. You can use the social media sharing feature on WorkDay 1 day. Here’s a screenshot of the 1hr WorkDay app

Below the dashboard of 1 HR Workday Software


1 hr workday review


Click campaign to create a new campaign, finding the viral content. As you can find content from a different platform, from YouTube, Twitter tweets, Facebook Posts, Pinterest Pins, Flickr Photos, Imgur Photos, Giphy Photos, DailyMotion, Pixabay Images, and Vimeo videos


1 hr workday review campaign


For example, I want to find viral videos on YouTube. Choose YouTube and insert your keyword


1 hr workday review youtube


I search for weightloss videos, and as you can see I get the results, sort by the total views. Now you can grab the videos and also the content or the subtitle as your blog content. For more details, please watch the video below



1 Hr Workday Pros and Cons

Based on my experience using this software, these are the advantages and disadvantages of this software


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple platforms
  • Full training
  • Grab unique content from YouTube


  • Automation features only on OTO
  • You need a stable internet connection

1 Hr Workday OTO

  • OTO 1 – Taskillar Software
    You will get a software that will automate your task management
  • OTO 2 – Taskillar Software Unlimited version
    Unlimited version of Taskillar software
  • OTO 3 – Agency license
    You can get agency access for Taskillar
  • OTO 4 – Reseller License
    You will get 100% commission of 1 Hr workday
  • OTO 5 – Gold Miners
    You will get access to Mosh Bari products each month
  • OTO 6 – Whitelabel
    You will get a Whitelabel license of The Taskillar software


Based on my experience using 1 Hr Workday software, I can say this software is very helpful for you to find viral content and retrieve blog content easily. I hope this review is helpful. Click the button below for more information




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