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1-Click Social Review – What is 1-Click Social? And what kind of problem does Plugin solve? Facebook and Instagram withdrew their support for Oembed on October 24th, 2020, which is used by more than 20 million sites to embed social content on their sites. As a result, all the social content on these 20 million websites is NOT available anymore and Facebook needs all these website owners to build an app for each website on their platform to allow the content to be seen again.

1 click social review


To your company, social media is extremely relevant. It’s just as important to keep a balance on the importance of social media for your company when all of your existing social media accounts have been created and other individuals are also active online.

In this age of state-of-the-art technology, with almost every form of company and business process now on the internet, even if you don’t directly want to be an integral part of social media, you won’t succeed if you don’t. Only because of your competitions and your current and prospective clients are on the internet and you need to keep up with events. You would also need tools for social media tracking.

1-Click Social Review – The Features and Benefits

Fixes your site in just 10 seconds

You can definitely manually patch your site too, but it will take you up to 1 hour per site to do so, do you really want to spend that much time on each site? When you have to patch 20 pages, that’s 20 hours. This plugin will do it in 10 seconds.

Avoid the loss of all your social material

20 million pages have already been broken by Facebook and all social content, embeds, videos, FB posts, and Instagram images have disappeared from those pages, you need to stop this from happening on your site and repair it as soon as possible.

Brings back Social Content Unrestricted, Videos

On all of your WordPress Pages & Articles, & Photos. Put all the material that has vanished from your posts & pages back. This plugin does it for your entire site in 1-Click without having to patch it one by one for each post or article. This is ridiculously fast.

Fixes WP’s Facebook & Instagram Material

You won’t have to do this again and again with both Facebook and Instagram material at the same time just do it once and your page will be fixed with good. All your messages, photos, and videos from FB & Insta will show up again.

Save hours of labor-No physical work at all.

There is no learning curve, no technological mumbo jumbo, even a 5-year-old can do this in just 1 click to repair your WordPress site. You can use this plugin to repair all your social content easily if you know the fundamentals of WordPress.

Fix Your Site Now Stop Losing Social TRAFFIC

All the social content is GONE, so all the social traffic coming from those posts has also vanished. You have to return that and avoid losing all of your social traffic. In just 10 seconds, this plugin will solve that for you.

1-click-social review

1-click-social review

Facebook BROKE more than 20 million websites on Oct 24th. As a consequence of that. All your social content has vanished from your pages. All the posts linked to your account from Facebook and Instagram have gone. And you could be leaking traffic from your site every single day. This is a Huge Issue that affects many websites. It has been written about by many top internet news outlets and bloggers. Your site could already be BROKEN if you have a WordPress site. Fortunately, my friend Ankur was able to build a way to solve this problem. So you’re not going to be influenced by it. All you have to do is download and install this plugin on your site.

Follow the fast 10-second method once you do that. And it’ll bring back all your social stuff. You will start working again on all your broken pages and blogs. Your site will stop the traffic from leaking out. One thing you just need to do

How does it Work?

Watch the demo video below for more details

1-Click Social OTO

Unlock more features and benefits with the upsells upgrade

  • OTO 1 – 1-Click Social Pro
  • OTO 2 – 1-Click Social Developer License
  • OTO 3 – Social Connect
  • OTO 4 – Reseller License


With this WordPress Plugin, you can get all your social content back on your site instantly to work again. No Manual Work-you never have to build an app or do any technical work you need to do with most other plugins, it works easily with 1 press.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be installed on multiple websites?
Yes. You can install 1-Click Social on up to 50 websites

Is there a tutorial on how to use it?
Yes, you will receive training on how to use 1-Click Social

Are there free updates?
Yes, you will get 1 year of free plugin updates

What if I need help?
You can contact support via email in the member area


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